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Comment: Re:SO? (Score 2) 163

by lewko (#41871497) Attached to: Constant Technology Use May Hamper Kids' Ability To Learn

I sat in an 'interactive' classroom for five year olds. Basically a 'smartboard' which was a projector and touchscreen.

When it was 'story time', the teacher presented the story similarly to any Powerpoint presentation. Except after every page, rather than moving on, the children would have to approach the board and 'find' various elements, singing birds, growing flowers etc.

I was thinking that the kids in China could have read six books in the time it took this class to get through one. It was totally unclear what value the technology added, besides briefly wowing parents who grew up with chalkboards (and will be able to spell better than most of these kids, thanks again to technology).

Comment: Map pricing (Score 1) 179

by lewko (#40191411) Attached to: Apple, Google: Battle of the Cloud Maps

In Australia, a set of new maps for most consumer GPS units is more than the cost of a (cheap) new unit. If you have a dash-mounted system, forget it.

I don't know if that's a global issue or the 'Australia tax', but I'll support any system which is up to date and doesn't cost me a stupid amount of money to remain current.

Comment: Soldiers in the Israeli army who play D&D get (Score 2) 213

by lewko (#40126925) Attached to: <em>Dungeons &amp; Dragons Next</em> Playtest Released

Why would the Israeli army be so against D&D? They claim that those who participate in the game, "are detached from reality and susceptible to influence."

If a person admits to playing D&D to the army they are automatically placed in low security clearance and are sent to a psychologist

Comment: Re:Under 30 minutes (Score 1) 627

by lewko (#40116897) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Not Linux For Security?

Whilst I bow in front of your 31337 hax0r skillz, you are wrong about locks.

BAD locks (cheap, easily defeated) are only good to keep honest people out. That does not mean all locks are easily defeated. ANY system badly implemented would suck. I would happily race a well hardened Windows system against a badly installed *nix setup (albeit the latter is probably a bit safer straight out of the box).

Comment: Blame the Telcos (Score 1) 277

by lewko (#40097929) Attached to: Ten Cops Can't Recover Police Chief's Son's iPhone

The market for stolen phones could be destroyed immediately if carriers blacklisted ESNs and IMEI numbers (the unique serial number embedded in GSM phones).

But they won't, as they make money regardless of who is holding the phone.

These blacklists could be international just as easily as any other roaming agreement.

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