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Comment Running a computer store, this is driving me crazy (Score 2) 413 413

I run a small computer store and this issue has been driving me crazy the last few weeks, we have had a few XP machines come back because customers are complaining they are so slow! When we refurbished them before these patches they were fine! I have had to disable Windows update to fix the issue, not the best solution at all. 100% CPU from svchost.exe for hours, how can Microsoft mess up so bad..!

Comment Re:Is This Supposed To Be News? (Score 1) 135 135

Agreed. What does it matter what servers they used to attack from? Normaly attacks are done from zombie PC's or hacked web serers but guess they wanted a good connection to PSN etc. Also title is mis-leading. It should read "Servers Rented from Amazon Used In Sony Playstation Hack".

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