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Comment: Re:Compiling the kernel (Score 1) 603

by lethalwp (#34242820) Attached to: The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders

Hey! i was in that case, but later: used a 486 (i think it was DX2-66Mhz?) as router with dialup, when it wasn't connected it acted as a BBS

So it was not "on demand" internet, but still ppp connection, with a 14k4 modem (got one of those to replace a 2400bauds, that was a real pita =) )

Anyway, i didn't know enough of linux those days, and thought it was required to recompile the kernel (iirc it was a redhat 5), to enable the gateway/routing feature.

All i can say: after 24H of compile, you notice you forgot some option
and there you go again for another 24H....

Now i've grown up & live with a standard kernel, only compile it when really needed for debugging purposes or so

Comment: Re:Haven't Installed it (Score 1) 510

by lethalwp (#31761014) Attached to: Sony Update Bricks Playstations

It's fine if you want to play games. And the update is required if you want to play online games.

the update is not required to play online games, there are several ways to bypass the firmware check, and it's quite easy to do actually (mainly changing the dns server for the ps3)

just google for it if you need it

Comment: Re:It only takes one. (Score 1) 678

by lethalwp (#31376740) Attached to: Ubisoft's New DRM Cracked In One Day

would you do the same thing to ask for games that run under linux?

This is nonsense, $$$ is the mighty word, no letters/mails will change that. But in the case of linux, it's even worse: they don't dare/invest porting games to linux, and don't talk to me about games that are 5 years old.

In the mean time, i got a ps3, never played & bought so many games these last 2 years than in my whole life.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?