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Comment Re:4K Content And Encoding Support (Score 1) 198

The reason 4k in phones is a great thing, is Google Cardboard. Anyone who's used google cardboard knows that higher resolution means better realism when the phone is used in a VR headset. Nothing ruins VR more than low-resolution display. 2.5k screens are great for this, but 4k screens are better.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 272

I'll take Windows 10 with Windows Explorer over having to use OSX/Finder any day. Finder is the worst piece of garbage in software history - and it's basically the same awful UI since before OSX.

Comment Re:*shrug* (Score 1) 387

The adoption of Windows by corporations had little to do with price, or performance. The main reason Windows was adopted so widely in business is because of control - Windows had much more in the way of file sharing and networking with more control over user access. This is something important in business, which the Amiga and Macintosh lacked.

Comment Re: *shrug* (Score 1) 387

You're full of shit. Get off your Amiga bashing horse already. Do you think Intel documents "the internals" of their chips beyond providing the same information Amiga provided about their chips?

You're just a troll.
The Amiga chipset did scale, there were multiple iterations, each far better than the previous, so I'm not sure where you get the crack that you're obviously smoking. Motorolo 680x0 architecture also did scale, there were multiple iterations and bumps in MHz and 16bit to 32-bit architecture. Macintosh computers of the day also used the same CPU, but were still stuck with black-and-white displays, while Amiga had thousands of colors.

The failure of the Amiga was clearly not based on the technical aspects of the hardware or software, nor the "scalability". Saying that is just completely ignorant.

Comment Re: *shrug* (Score 1) 387

While true that Amiga wasn't the only platform using "proper multitasking", it was by far the most widespread at the time. A/UX, Xenix, OS/2?? None were as widely adopted as the Amiga platform. The low cost of the Amiga hardware and the previous success of the Commodore 64 were major factors in the widespread adoption of the Amiga. The hardware was also far more advanced than the PCs and Macintosh of the day.

Comment Re:Easy as 1-2-3 (Score 1, Informative) 269

Apple is more robust? Tell that to the 100s of thousands of people with 2011 macbooks which overheat and die, even after multiple motherboard replacements. It has reached class-action status because Apple is unwilling to acknowledge any defect.

We have a 2011 macbook here that has had the motherboard replaced 4 times, and is now out of warranty and Apple wants $1200 to replace it again. Fortunately we found a place that will "re-ball" the chips that keep separating from the motherboard, for $250 a pop. Still quite horrible for a laptop that cost too damn much to begin with.

Apple is notorious for removing cooling to make their product more "beautiful". That is quite the opposite of "robust". Their latest macbooks have no fans at all, and I doubt that will go well for them in the long-run based on past experience. But, their laptops have to be "beautiful" or people won't buy them.

Comment Re:Windows Piracy Increases 4000% in China. (Score 1) 322

> And the NSA gets to pwn you for free.

This is exactly what I'm thinking too.. they seem to be falling over themselves trying to get people to install the new windows - for free, even for all the pirates.

In light of all the NSA abuses, computers are becoming less interesting to me. About all I use them for now is to write software to make money. Beyond that, I don't trust them at all, thanks to the creepy NSA, facebook, and others who want to know too damned much about everyone.

Comment Re:Yet another Ted Cruz bashing article ! (Score 1) 416

> You'll never break through the smugness and self-righteousness.

You've just described the right-wing attitude about anything they think is un-american or against christian ideals.

Trickle down economics is a disaster, banning abortion is a disaster, climate change denial is a disaster, starting un-funded wars is a desaster, lax gun regulation is a disaster - I'm not sure how anyone could promote any of those ideas, you really have to be out of your mind or unwilling to listen to reason when it comes to some of the republican agenda.

I'm all find with fiscal conservatism, if that is what the republicans actually stood for, but they have proven again and again that they simply are not interested in that.

Comment Re:wait what? (Score 1) 416

Guess where the earth is located - IN SPACE, YOU MORON. You sound like you think the earth is sitting on some mantle in god's office or something. We're on a rock floating around "outer space" with lots of other rocks. This is enough reason for NASA to be studying the earth as much as it wants/needs to.

Diplomacy is the art of saying "nice doggy" until you can find a rock.