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Comment: Re:Don't Be Evil (Score 5, Insightful) 208

by leoplan2 (#38797943) Attached to: Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace To Google: Don't Be Evil
It's just that they don't want to do it - they want more control for themselves and more information about users for advertising and marketing

So tell me, why Facebook data isn't open for everyone? That's control too, isn't it?. And do you remember when twitter said "no" to Google for use Twitter data on Google Social Search?
You should inform yourself before commenting, please.

Comment: Re:Completely unsurprising (Score 4, Interesting) 137

by leoplan2 (#38700858) Attached to: FTC Expands Its Google Antitrust Investigations
by using your logic, MS should be investigated too, they are pushing IE9, Windows, etc on their Hotmail page, and nobody complains. And Hotmail still is a dominant force. Twitter said NO for using their data on Google. Facebook data is not open for Google. So, how do you expect Google Search+ to use others data? And all that illegaly enter other markets BS is just FUD. You should inform yourself before commenting.

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