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Comment: Re:The upgrade process was painless (Score 5, Informative) 79

by lenova (#32606730) Attached to: WordPress 3.0 Released

Supposedly, if you have the permissions set correctly on the WordPress files (no, I can't figure it out either, although it did happen once by magic when I used an automated installer), the autoupdater doesn't even need this.

If you have access to your wp-config.php file, you can enable the autoupdater without FTP by adding this line:


WordPress will now update directly without requiring FTP access.

(Source: Random Tech Solutions)

Comment: Man, does it ever.... (Score 1) 364

by lenova (#27593171) Attached to: Is Your Mood a Result of Where You Live?
I can attest to this. I've lived in Vancouver most of my life, and while I love this city, my personality shifts completley downwards during the fall & winter here (my doctor reckons it's S.A.D.).

I spent a year living in Australia, and talk about night and day.... a year whole spent feeling upbeat and positive. Then straight back to the same old ways when moving back to Van.

It's a shame, because I'm seriously considering permanently moving to a warmer/brighter climate next year, leaving behind the friends and family. It seems like a huge sacrifice, but man, I just can't hack these winters anymore.

+ - Time to encrypt all P2P traffic? 3

Submitted by VORNAN-20
VORNAN-20 (318139) writes "Yesterday's item here about Comcast screwing around with P2P traffic brings up an idea. Is it time to change the P2P standard to encrypt all traffic? I think that almost any current PC would have no problem handling the extra load, and really, Comcast or any ISP has no business knowing what you are sending in the first place. I am not a network guy but I think that this is doable. If azureus, ktorrent, etc were all to come out with an "encrypt all packets using " option maybe this could be managed quickly and cleanly. It would be best to move quickly before all of the ISPs catch on to this. Come on developers, liberate us from the network meanies!!"

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