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Submission + - Only 300,000 Wii U's sold in last 3 months (arabicgamers.com)

PartyPooper writes: Nintendo has revealed the latest sales figures for the Wii U, a disappointing 300,000 units sold in the last three months.

That figure is for sales between July and September, which means that over the last six months the console has only sold 460,000 units.

The company is still insisting that a strong first-party line-up of games is key to getting more players on board.

"For Wii U, we attempt to concentrate on pro-actively releasing key first-party titles towards the coming year in order to regain momentum for the platform," said Nintendo.

Comment Re:EA is burning (Score 1) 188

gog.com is still much better because you don't have to be connected to steam to validate your ownership of a game. You don't have to deal with buggy software and games that don't work correctly with it as bonus. Just double-click the executable and be happy.

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