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Submission + - Tell Lenovo the Trackpoint is Important->

larsl writes: "The Thinkpad is still the de-facto official laptop of Linux and BSD users. Lenovo's VP of design David Hill is running a survey to find out how important the trackpoint is to people. This is frightening, considering the previous give-up-on-trackpoint post from Lenovo's anti-linux blogger Matt Kohut."
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Licensing an Abandonware Game? 148 148

WolverineOfLove writes "I'm recreating a 1980s abandonware game with copyrights that have been seemingly unused for the past 18 years. The situation is detailed further in a Slashdot journal entry I just wrote, but in short: Is it worth dealing with all the copyrights and paying money if I want to recreate an abandonware title as an open source game? I know there are legal implications to certain decisions I might make, but there is a real possibility that this game's copyright holder will do nothing with the rights, and I'd much prefer preserving it for others than letting it fade away."

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