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Comment: Hard to believe it (Score 1) 1182 1182

by larryau (#26990911) Attached to: Gamer Claims Identifying As a Lesbian Led To Xbox Live Ban
It is hard for me to believe this, because Microsoft is one of the friendliest GBTL companies. However if it is verified that this has indeed occurred it would make me furious. And MS should be wary about its ramifications. This bad publicity would not do well for MS. GBTL groups would line up and call national attention to MS policy, because MS is such a huge presence in the world. If MS does not address this travesty I for one will stop purchasing games and other product from MS. I will fly into Apples hands or Linux. I am certain many others would feel the same.

Comment: Re:Hmmm getting close to the 12 regenerations limi (Score 2, Informative) 330 330

by larryau (#26315293) Attached to: Actor Matt Smith Will Be 11th Doctor Who
If I remember that question was asked a long time ago. If I remember correctly the producers answered by reminding people about the "Keepers of Traken" story. It was with the introduction of Nysaa's character. I think it was episode 18. The story had the "Master" returning and he had used up all of his 12 regeneration but found a way to extend his regenerations. So I think the good Dr. has a way.
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+ - What happened to freedom of speech and assembly?-> 3 3

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muckracker1 writes: "A few officials at Kentucky State University (KSU) in Frankfort, Kentucky are allegedly trying to shut down an 80 year old black farmer's protest by forcing him to hold his informational picket in a football stadium far removed from the scene of a conference of farmers and federal farm program representatives. The internet has been a marvelous tool for black farmers such as Harry Young, who, while they themselves may not know much about the Internet, have the assistance of those who do. Harry Young of Kentucky, the black farmer in question, has been waging a one man PR campaign to get the word out about the allegedly illegal auction of his farmland over a contested debt, by the government. The land he owned has as much as $750,000,000 in coal reserves. Many land rights activists say it was a land grab, pure and simple. Mr. Young has filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in Owensboro, Kentucky over the sale — which has gone no where. He has also filed a judicial misconduct complaint in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals against the federal judge in Kentucky's Western District federal court. Young's plans for the KSU demonstration will attract world wide attention — his case is already being cited by civil rights activists in Malaysia as inspiration for their continued efforts."
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