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Comment: Please fix the memory consumption (Score 1) 266

by lappy512 (#34869222) Attached to: Mozilla To Release Firefox 4 Next Month
I love my firefox, I really do. I've been using Firefox 4 Beta for the last 4 months or so! But frequently I look into my task manager and see Firefox consuming 700-1500MB of memory! It is okay on my computer with 8GB of ram, but still very unacceptable! When will Firefox become more memory efficient?

Comment: Re:The Deal Seekers Are Probably Partly Responsibl (Score 1) 514

by lappy512 (#30153590) Attached to: Bing Gains 10% Marketshare
I actually talked to one of the Bing developers about it and it's a pretty slick deal. The retailers give the discounts to the customer in exchange for ad credits on Microsoft's ad network. Although this seems like Microsoft's just taking the hit (in terms of lost ad revenue), this is a pretty smart move, saying that: 1. Retailers would become accustomed to using Microsoft's ad network, and spend more $$ on it vs. Google. 2. Since the ads are on an "auction" model, the prices will be bidded up, resulting in more $$ for Microsoft.

Comment: Re:Volkswagen gauges are this exact color (Score 1) 332

by lappy512 (#22814652) Attached to: Blue Lights To Reset Internal Clocks
Acura does this too - My Acura TSX also has an overhead LED (near the center overhead reading light) which is blue. It's dim enough that it's not annoying, but it makes a cool accent when you put your hand on top of the shift knob.

I think that Bimmers do this too - except that they have red lights.

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