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Comment Because its too damn difficult (Score 1) 488

Most likely because ways to contribute are overly complex and difficult to use for non coders... They need to first try figure out how your complex project management system actually works. Do they need signup account for it first, then find right place to submit report, etc... I remember years ago.. when i was new and run into project that had problem with my local charset (some characters were handled wrong) went throw projects website and there was no easy way to send bug report... Ended up mailing one of the developers outside their main project system and asked if he could forward this to right place since i cant figure it out... Looking at most open source projects, that has not been getting any easier for non coders..

Comment Thats easy (Score 2) 516

Because bean counter walk over the engineers... Grid is built cheap as bossible instead of being reliable, maintained even cheaper and that means no alternative routes, no backups... All this in name of Maximizing profits... After all you cant sue them for not delivering, so wheres their risk of this gamble...

Comment Not suprising (Score 1) 192

This is just nothing more then Microsoft realizing they are loosing it. They lost supercomputers, they lost mobile markets, now Linux is taking over servers, next battle ground is desktop and Linux is starting to make inroads there also... What choice Microsoft has but try to adapt, if they wish to be in business still in 10 years from now?

Comment Hmm (Score 1) 223

People have allready recomended many excellent books... Now if you are going to drag any deadweight electronics there, make sure you bring in means to charge them too. Laptop with empty battery is useless.. So solar-panel or two (bigger the better), inverter, battery and battery charge manager.. And you can charge what ever western not needed electronics use you have... Personally i would look what it-related projects are already there and try help them. Working with actual people will always be superior to any dull book. In fact if you can show that you have managed to come along even with people that you have no common language, might help your career more then any book. If all else fails, just enjoy scenery and piece of quiet you have there, your soon enough back to civilization and hurry..

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