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Comment: Interesting problems ahead (Score 1) 143

by lapm (#45925657) Attached to: Mars One Studying How To Maintain Communications With Mars 24/7
Its not difficult to maintain constant connection, add few satellites in good spots in space to bounce signal throw.. Its bandwidth issue. They want to make reality tv out of this so that's going to take some massive bandwidth between two planets. Video streaming down on earth is sometimes difficult all ready.. Add significant distance between planets that's constantly changing and you have problems...

Comment: lame excuses (Score 1) 510

by lapm (#45356141) Attached to: Edward Snowden Leaks Could Help Paedophiles Escape Police, Says UK Government
One of these claims? Something MAY happen because XXXXX.. Like those people that may escape dont know cops are after them all ready? Seriously what a joke. If their methods are/were so effective then how come there's still pedophiles free? Why aren't they all in jail? Because their methods are not so effective, except spying on all people illegally. People in power will always try to abuse those powers, if not for anything else then secure their own position of power.

Comment: So bad development quality (Score 0) 165

by lapm (#45342685) Attached to: Microsoft Warns of Zero-Day Attacks
I'm wondering, considering the massive amounts of money Microsoft has, the army of developers they have, just the sheer size of corporation, how the heck they cant write a single piece of software that does not have some exploitable vulnerability in it. With that massive amount of resources at its disposal and they write still crappy software... Almost like hey, lets hide all these deliberate backdoors in all these software we ship...

Comment: Re:Do you think they're JavaScripters? (Score 1) 274

by lapm (#45322579) Attached to: Linux 3.12 Released, Linus Proposes Bug Fix-Only 4.0
And yet they are very much humans and capable of making errors. Where do you think all those bug fixes comes from? If dev's would be such super humans you describe them to be, there would be no need for bug fixes ever, since their code would be perfect from start. Personally i have newer understood why Linus stopped having separate stable with bug fixes only time to time.

Comment: All human is inperfection (Score 1) 470

by lapm (#45276977) Attached to: How Your Compiler Can Compromise Application Security
Its humans writing a code, humans are not perfect.. If this tools actually works as advertised, it should make fine addition to us not so perfect coders toolbox. Somehow i would have expected that compiler would warn you about it going to leave piece of code out. But i guess that's shows how little i code actually.

Comment: Ubuntu in decline (Score 1) 116

by lapm (#45266031) Attached to: Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth Wins Austria's Big Brother Award
Personally i do not accept default option where Cannonical gets info even on local searches. So i don't use regular Ubuntu. I got couple older laptops that runs light version of Ubuntu.Thank god no mandatory warrant-less searches there. Im all for Cannonical to gain ad-revenue if they need it. But not at expence of them knowing what i search in my local repositories. I do coding sometimes and most of that is done either case by case basis or just for myself. I also have documents that im contractually obliged to keep secret. Do i want someone else to know what i search locally? Hell no. What i don't understand why don't they just ask during a installing system: Would you like to help us spy on you and gain even more advertisement revenue by letting us see everything you search on your computer, over internet or locally?

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