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Comment: Re:The Grotesquely Ugly Truth (Score 0, Troll) 467

by lanorien (#28395871) Attached to: Man Attacked In Ohio For Providing Iran Proxies
You are completely ignorant of the struggle in Iran. They have been struggling for democracy for over 100 years and have been thwarted at every turn. First by the Russians and British, then by America, and finally by extremist forces within the country. The majority of Iranians DO want a democracy, but they don't want that imposed on them by any foreign power no matter their intentions. You are right that it is not our business because every time any foreigner has attempted to influence Iranian politics it has ended up in tragedy. This is one of the oldest cultures on Earth and the people are patient with very long memories, one day they will achieve democracy but it will be through the efforts of their people alone. Perhaps this will unfold into a real change for the Persian people, perhaps not. But what this does symbolize is that the people of Iran have a voice that will not be silenced. If this movement today fails it will bolster people to work in hiding and maybe in another 10 years they will get what they want.

Comment: Re:As the son of an Iranian refugee (Score 3, Interesting) 171

by lanorien (#27789473) Attached to: Iranians Outwit Censors With Falun Gong Software
Although it's true the Shah was a dictator of sorts, what the people of Iran wanted with the revolution was not an absolute theocracy. During the revolution there was a coalition of nationalists, communists, and others along with the Islamists. It just happened that the Islamists betrayed them all before the smoke even cleared and then wielded absolute power. I think anything to allow the Iranian people better access to the rest of the world is a tremendous step.

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