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Comment: Re:Government Money for Studies (Score 1) 256

by lancelotlink (#43687717) Attached to: Spoiler Alert: Smart Kids Become Successful Adults
Well, People generally comment on this site that basic research can lead to unexpected outcomes, new questions. It's entirely possible that all of this data can help support something new that we haven't thought of yet. I understand that this isn't basic research, but I feel that it could be applied here.

Comment: Re:It's part of the package (Score 1) 14

by lancelotlink (#34486802) Attached to: Extreme Criminal Court Makeover
Checking back on this thread has made me think a little about being a bit more fair about viewing this topic, but you are now the second person that has remarked on the tattoo by his eye as a tear drop. Let's be clear that it is the start of a SCAR tattoo that wasn't covered up by the makeup. Now, if it was left visible because it was too close to the eye for makeup to cover then that's one thing, but if it was done intentionally so members of the jury would mistake it as a tear to evoke some sympathy, then I'm back to feeling how I was in the beginning. Cover it up or don't.

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