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Comment: An eye for an eye? (Score 1) 445

by lalcan (#36622136) Attached to: Irish Judge Orders 13-Year-Old To Surrender Xbox

Are we down to an eye for an eye kind of justice?

Laws mean nothing, any lawyer will learn them all, but it takes an ethical person to be a good member of society. What this kid learned today is that next time, he better be sure not to be catched.

Fast & easy is not always the best solution, as this judge will learn later in life.

Comment: Re:other uses for retired shuttle (Score 1) 36

by lalcan (#35716284) Attached to: NASA To Delay Endeavour By 10 Days

I think the last shuttle should be left connected to the ISS, after all, in space there's hardly any erosion, so it could be left there just in case it's required for any other spacial activity in the future, it could be used to kickstart the mars travel, as a warehouse, anything, while, once it's grounded, it will never lift off again...

My three cents.

Comment: Re:Reasonable Choices. (Score 1) 105

by lalcan (#35699126) Attached to: Engineering Election Debates With Subtle Cues

I see two problems:

1.- It makes easy to be a sheep.
You don't have to think, you just check the "worm".

2.- Changes the main influencer.
Before, someone interested in voting but without a clear decision, would talk with their friends and family, now they can just read the worm and get the feeling of getting the real social trend.

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