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Comment: Re:Women crave Feedback (Score 1) 579

by lagomorpha2 (#47789609) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

Men's natural thought process tends toward "this this this" whereas with women it's "me me me".

No, it's just that women are more social so prefer to see the speaker's face when listening to them. It's a broad generalization of course and there is no particular advantage or disadvantage to either method. TV generally puts the speaker on screen so the more professional the YouTube video the more likely it is to do the same, regardless of gender.

Don't try to make out this is evidence of women being selfish, because it isn't.

I wasn't using "me" vs "this" to imply women are selfish, merely to suggest that women are more interested in people and men are more interested in objects. This shouldn't be news, even newborn infant boys spend more time looking at toy cars and newborn infant girls spend more time looking at faces. Girls are interested in who someone is, boys are interested in what something does.

Comment: Women crave Feedback (Score 2) 579

by lagomorpha2 (#47782323) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

There are no "likes" for Wikipedia edits, unlike Pinterest or Facebook posts.

Women are social creatures and require a feedback loop to keep contributing.

So pretty much the same reason that in youtube videos done by men the camera is pointed at the thing the speaker is talking about whereas in youtube videos done by women the camera is pointed at the woman's face.

Men's natural thought process tends toward "this this this" whereas with women it's "me me me".

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 157

by lagomorpha2 (#47782131) Attached to: Software Error Caused Soyuz/Galileo Failure

It's possible that Ukraine shot it down, they use the same missiles, but their army consists of trained professional soldiers who would be less likely to make such an error.

... unless the Ukrainians knew it would end up getting blamed on the Russians/separatists which would (and did) cement European support for sanctions against Russia.

Comment: Re:idgi (Score 1) 231

by lagomorpha2 (#47710615) Attached to: $125,000 Settlement Given To Man Arrested for Photographing NYPD

Even if they don't, the prosecutors depend on the police to help them with their cases. Pressing charges against the police could make evidence in unrelated cases harder to come by, hurting the other cases and the career of the prosecutor.

What we need are special prosecutors recruited from civil rights organizations who aren't in bed with law enforcement and Internal Affairs officers recruited entirely from military police who have never served in civilian law enforcement to do the investigation and arrests. There isn't much chance of that happening though.

Comment: Re:idgi (Score 2) 231

by lagomorpha2 (#47709937) Attached to: $125,000 Settlement Given To Man Arrested for Photographing NYPD

Some crimes don't get prosecuted if the victim refuses to press charges. This may be because the victim can forgive it, or because without his testimony there would be no case.!

A victim cannot press charges, only the prosecutor can press charges. In most areas the prosecutor goes to bar-be-ques with the cops on weekends. Guess how likely he is to press charges against his drinking buddies.

Comment: Re: Women should earn more than men. (Score 2) 98

Am I the only one who looks at this and thinks, "Here's clear evidence that, contrary to popular rhetoric, there is a powerful pro-female bias in this society, and any underrepresentation and underfunding that exists can therefore be entirely attributed to, I won't say failings... attributed to the character, capabilities and choices of women"?

Women receive more sympathy from society than men, it's called the gender empathy gap. It also contributes to why the vast majority of homeless are men, lack of battered men's shelters despite spousal abuse being split 50/50 between the sexes, significantly higher suicide rate in men, etc. Anyone who hasn't noticed this is brainwashed by feminism.

One of the side effects happens to be that often all a woman has to do in order to generate a substantial amount of money is cry a little on the internet and people will send her money even if they don't expect her kickstarter project to succeed.

Comment: Re:What makes them think this is even possible? (Score 1) 162

"You're doing it wrong. If you do it right, the response from impulsive women will be to "prove" that they can eat the marshmallow AND have sex with you."

That assumes you're still young enough that random sex from impulsive women is your goal.

"Also the marshmallow test is pretty flawed when used with anyone who has experience. Doesn't matter how much impulse control you have, if promises of delayed gratification have in the past been consistently broken and led to no gratification."

That's actually just what it finds - children from stable homes are significantly more likely to delay gratification because from birth they've learned to expect long term planning to succeed. Children from single mothers / broken homes have learned from birth that you need to take pleasures while you can because there is no guarantee that promises in the future are reliable.

Comment: Re:Let's see if I get this right... (Score 3, Informative) 133

by lagomorpha2 (#47620727) Attached to: City of London Police Take Down Proxy Service Over Piracy Concerns

The police, who wants to fight piracy which is claimed to be happening by the corporations, go bust servers with neither warrants nor court orders. What exactly are making these claims legit enough to skip due process? Or is due process some sort of privilege that we shouldn't expect them in the first place?

Same legal reasoning that allows police to beat up anyone they feel like and generally make thugs of themselves - no one seems to actually be willing to stop them.

Comment: Re:What makes them think this is even possible? (Score 3, Funny) 162

by lagomorpha2 (#47620443) Attached to: US Intelligence Wants Tools To Tell: Who's the Smartest of Them All?

This test was devised decades ago.


Simply give any potential employees the option of a marshmallow now or waiting a period of time to receive two marshmallows. At the very least we should use this procedure to test our police force for poor impulse control.

It can even be applied to dating. On the first date I offer a marshmallow or if they have the willpower to not eat the marshmallow the promise of sex. So far it's managed to flawlessly protect me from a number of impulsive women.

Comment: Cryptographic Voting (Score 1) 190

Ask to implement cryptographic voting. Everyone's votes are published publicly but each encrypted with their own public key so that anyone can download the entire voting results, type in their private key, and make sure that their vote went to the candidates they chose to vote for.

No amount of careful planning will ever replace dumb luck.