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Submission + - The Endless Scroll. I Hate the Show More button!

l810c writes: You have all seen it.

What do you think of the updates to many websites that seems to be accelerating.

Even main layout seems geared towards tablets and phones.

Pages that were once accessible with a hover and a sub menu require multiple clicks.

Stories used to be organized by subject or date.

Now we get the Endless Scroll. Click Show More, drool, Click Show More, etc. It's becoming disorganized.

And what about Slideshow web stories.

What are your thoughts? Is this Web 3.0?

Comment Re:Comparing apples to miniature oranges (Score 2) 409

It All starts with Sodas, but I am not sure where it goes from there.

I have just returned from our community swim meet. Kids drink multiple sodas and get heavy and swim slow.

Kids drink water with the occasional small portion of soda stay lean and swim fast.

My wife and I have observed this for the past 12 years at our community pool with ~400 members. Slim kids drink water mostly, heavy kids always have a Coke in hand. 24, 32, 48 oz behemoths.

Years ago when I went to school there were the couple of Fat Kids. Now MOST Kids are Fat. And they are always drinking Sodas.

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 1) 108

LEGO has done pretty well with it's movies and games in recent years.


They must have put a lot of thought and effort into this. I'm betting that they are working on all of those things.

It's also L E G O. They have a H U G E built in fan base.

I am not sure that this will win, but I am far from skeptical.

Comment Re:Kindness of strangers? (Score 1) 101

How good are these things against false alarms?

Imagine a bunch of teenagers get together and all pound their ceiling near the sensor.

From a previous post:

Elevators can stop at the next floor and open their doors.
Nuclear power plants can insert their control rods.
Toll bridges can close their gates so no more cars go onto the bridge.
Same for tunnels.
Gas valves can shut off.
Turbines can slow down or stop.
Sirens can sound in tsunami zones.
Active seismic control systems can apply tension.
Bank vaults can lock.
Automatic security systems can be notified to prevent a flood of false alarms.
Data centers can sync their HDDs and start their diesel generators.
Fire station roll up doors can automatically open, so they don't jam closed in the quake.
Commuter trains can slow down and stop.
Approaching aircraft can be delayed or diverted.
Traffic lights can go to all-red.

And it's just a bunch of teenagers pounding on the ceiling.

Comment Re:And redundancies come through faster as well! (Score 1) 330

I live outside of Atlanta.

Every couple years when the the Hurricanes and Tropical Storms pick up in the Gulf/Florida area we will catch a bit of the rain band/winds and occasionally a major rain dump or two.

It never feels like the stifling heat we get in July/August and it's usually kind of pleasant(Until some serious thunderstorm bands roll over). Overcast, cool breeze, you can actually smell the ocean from over 300 miles away.

Hurricanes also peak in September, usually after the major heat of summer.

Comment Re:Yeah because you know... (Score 1) 224

Older Corollas and Civics(and many others), Yes. Very reliable and safe cars.

Pulsar(Hell no!) Dad bought my brother one that was 3 years old. Always in the shop. You would not need this monitor on the Pulsar, they were absolute slugs. So much in fact that I consider them dangerous. It was such a slug that when driving you were unable to Avoid trouble. I actually(on my brothers behalf) took he and dad on a test drive to prove to dad it was dangerously slow and unresponsive.

Comment Re:wait what? (Score 0, Troll) 416

I have 2 friends and a relative at 3 different universities that hold higher positions within different science departments.

Each of them said these 3 things to me.

1) Don't use my name or Ever tell anyone I told you this.
2) It's a bunch of political bullshit. It *may* be true that we are warming the planet. But there is absolutely ZERO funding to prove the opposite and by the way, Don't use my name or Ever tell anyone I told you this.
3) Don't use my name or Ever tell anyone I told you this.

Comment Re:They do it for us! (Score 4, Insightful) 484

That is not what the eventual immigration compromise will be.

Republicans will get their H1B's to help the corporations. The Democrats will get some form of amnesty.

Our(IT workers) wages will go down and taxes go up as millions of millions of new citizens taking free healthcare and other government benefits.

It's bleak, the worst of both worlds.

Comment Re:Every 30 days. (Score 2) 247

There is a good way around that that I have used for years. Don't use the current date. Use M-1 and Y-1(that's not exactly how I do it, but similar).

Also pick a couple of words and abbreviate them.

If your favorite Ice Cream is Cookies and Cream, you might choose a monthly password like this
Cok1113Crm#g - google password
Cok1113Crm#e - espn password

Easy to remember and always gets very secure score and a similar but not exact password across sites.

Comment Re:Satellite and Cell Phone is Good Enough? (Score 1) 173

I think this is actually the key thing in this discussion.

I left their DSL and phone for Comcast a couple of years ago and cannot be happier. My Internet with Comcast Absolutely Rocks, Uverse just cannot match the speeds I'm getting with cable.

They cannot compete with thin copper on internet speeds, so they are diversifying to video content.

I will never go back to them.

The problem:
Comcast, (who's service I Love right now) will most definitely take advantage of this in the future and find a way to screw me. And I will have no true alternative.

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