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Comment: Re:Welcome to Fascist America! (Score 1) 413 413

by l0n3s0m3phr34k (#49993063) Attached to: Trade Bill Fails In the House
I totally agree, "local" welfare has far less over-all costs that take $ out of the over-all amount, plus local agencies know what groups are more vulnerable in that area. People are far more likely to not complain as much if the "welfare" money taken out of the tax base was only going to other people in a limited geographical region as well...

And universal conscription would stop elites from being such war hawks, if their kids had the same chance to go off and die like us peasants.

Comment: Re:Drug tests? Seriously? (Score 1) 178 178

It's very important if your job suddenly has a "random check" and you have partaken within the past 30 days...either that or getting fired. And if your job is paying for your test to be ran through a mass spectrometer. your already screwed / under serious suspicion.

Comment: instead of just posting here... (Score 1) 89 89

I posted on their article itself... "Spreadsheets and email documents are a bigger threat than the cloud" Typical high-level executive thinking. There can only be one reason for anything, only one "real" reason and all else should be ignored. Because there is zero chance that BOTH email and the "cloud" are security issues...

Just because an accountant is "satisfied" with marketing double speak about the "cloud", that just shows how clueless they are. If they think that offsite, connected storage is somehow "new" because it has a new name, then as an IT security professional this is quite scary. There isn't just "one" cloud, each service must be vetted, and the assumption here is that there must be some cloud provider that will not be found lacking.

Next time there's a server security breach, I'll call my accountants to come fix it right? Since their now experts in compsec, and know the cloud is "safe"? The more critical financial information is placed up into a cloud, the more of a target it becomes. Do you want your info on the same service that Sony uses the next time North Korea decides to mess with them? That's a very real potential issue.

Comment: Re:What if I told you... (Score 1) 89 89

EDS hasn't done anything for several years...since it hasn't actually existed as a company in awhile. I, however, still have an EDS license plate, and work with many former EDS people at the old SABRE center (now owned by HP). White the "spin-off" of HP Enterprise, we're all assuming it will also not be HP for much longer either...

Comment: "Having an HTTP (web) server listening locally" (Score 3, Interesting) 49 49

by l0n3s0m3phr34k (#49973309) Attached to: HP Researchers Disclose Details of Internet Explorer Zero Day
"is not too rare" per TFA. That seems to be part of said vulnerability. I've had some major clients run a localized IIS / SQL This won't effect the majority of users then, but it will specifically effect a huge number of corporate users. One client that has a setup that would be affected, with 5000+ users...who also have very juicy account info, at least for other large pharma corps who are also doing trials on diabetic drugs, cardio drugs, etc.

Comment: Re:Why use ISP email? (Score 1) 265 265

by l0n3s0m3phr34k (#49963915) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Effective Is Your ISP's Spam Filter?
Totally...the only time I ever used an ISP email was because AT&T's cunsumer self-service DSL forced me to. Now that I'm on Business DSL, I've never used them. This person should go buy a domain, and then spend $5-$20 a year to have their own email addresses!

Personally, I'm looking forward to my work changing domains. We're loosing the and going to now I have a VERY common four letter word, which also happens to be the old email of some Director of I get tons of "spam" like HR conferences across the planet, staffing companies sending me their marketing crap, and some VERY EXPENSIVE Hong Kong tailors...the ones who have a "sale price" of $800 on a suit.

Comment: Re:So, where's she getting money? (Score 1) 368 368

She's got a clothing line through Walmart, her music isn't her only current business "venture"...Many of her fan base still buy physical CDs, and her constant royalties from radio play isn't small either. And huge packed stadiums too...

Comment: Re:So, where's she getting money? (Score 1) 368 368

To channel Dave Chappelle...she's RICH bitches! Both of these services are just a drop in her profit stream bucket. The radio play royalties alone are probably magnitudes more than Spotify or iTunes ever made her in $$$. Much of her target market still use CDs, her own clothing line, make-up, and stuff I don't even know about. When her new album hits the shelves of Walmart is when she gets paid, not iTunes. Most artists dream of having the marketing / product system she has set up at this moment.

Comment: Re:As always (Score 1) 368 368

seems to be exactly what their doing anyway. Their just hoping making it a "free trial" with a limited time period keeps it legal enough to not be successfully sued. It's along the same lines as Jeb Bush going for months as a Presidential candidate but refusing to officially announce so he could keep working directly with his superPACs. If either continued this behavior it's illegal but since they stop it right before they would actually break the law...

Comment: Re: New Accounts every 3 months (Score 1) 368 368

Apple will tie this into their normal AppleID system. You could put 50 credit cards on it, it will be three free months per AppleID account. If you want to game it to get three months of free streaming music...good luck there. It's not just web form, AppleID also ties in the devices too. Your "new ID" for that "free streaming music" won't have access to your regular Itunes, messages, cloud storage, installed apps, etc. You'll have to log out of your regular account and sign into your new one. If you screw it up, you might even loose access to your Apple device itself.

Whomever is suggesting this as a course of action must not have any experience with the Walled Garden. I don't actually use Apple products personally, but I've been forced to support them for several years at work. The best / funniest support was a woman freaking out that her boyfriend had "hacked her phone", not realizing that everyone using the same ID across multiple devices will have access to everything like that. It's a feature of the OS...the Apple support chick and I laughed about it for awhile before she took over the client to help them "separate" it all into their own accounts, or maybe get some relationship counseling, I don't know lol.

Comment: too late to schedual vacation now... (Score 1) 232 232

by l0n3s0m3phr34k (#49950407) Attached to: June 30th Leap Second Could Trigger Unexpected Issues
reading this gives me a bad feeling that my night might suck. My job is intimately involved with multiple airlines, real-time systems, mainframes, etc. So I'm sitting on top of a network that might actually be affected. I haven't heard a peep of this from my management either...I doubt they even realize this is going on or that it may impact us.

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