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Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 502

And yet the acronym JBB is in widespread use..."Jew by birth". If your a convert you might not hear it, but the JBBs will be talking about it (and you) behind your back. I'm not being racist, that's just what my various Jewish JBB friends have admitted to. Their holy book might dictate no differential treatment, but it happens every day.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 502

And it's not like Google=the entire internet. Just because a single search engine and a single video site censors something doesn't stop publication of videos. They are only used the most at this moment...censor them and the Palestinians will quickly move on to some other sites. News orgs will get these videos from the newer, non-censored sites. This idea will be just as effective as the RIAA / MPAA and their DCMA requests in stopping piracy.

Comment Re:Delaware corporations pay taxes in other states (Score 1) 365

I'm curious about this...my corp IS the Pfizer help desk, it's one of our many clients. We've probably got a couple dozen people on that desk, and this office is in Oklahoma. It's a subcontract of course, and my corp also does the "tax dodge" crap too. I'll not say what giant corp it is exactly, but the clues are we just split off and our new logo is a hollow rectangle. Does this count as a footprint?

Comment Re:Which version of unix? (Score 1) 406

in the airline industry, anything like installing anything "optional" is a quick path to the unemployment line. We follow ITIL to the letter, nothing is done without a very detailed plan that also includes "rollback". Not because we really want to, but the FAA doesn't like it when some random app crashes planes so it's just not allowed. We have run books with very specific steps for everything; it all has to be documented and signed off on.

Comment Re:Not all H1B positions are equal (Score 1) 331

I totally agree, all H1B visas should have a fast track path for citizenship that the corp can't easily loophole around. We, as a multi-culture country, need these smart people to become citizens and stay here instead of getting shipped back after we've rained them and taught them how to work here. It's a waste of resources over the long term.

Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 1) 331

Wow, I'm assuming you must be some Wippro / Unisys troll, or HR for a huge corp like IBM attempting to justify why you feel that ulcer growing in your stomach every day. I've seen direct evidence when working as a CSR at AT&T when outsourcing goes bad...bad like an Al Qaeda cell in a call center in Malaysia doing ID theft, re-routing call bills to random customers who are overseas...eventually the FBI came in and had to bust up the four person ring. Or walking a "Windows system admin" through how to install IIS on a win2k box because he didn't know how, and his company had his work network so locked down he had no actual Internet access so couldn't look it up himself. Listening to a Chinese woman and an Indian woman get into a heated argument while they just refused to listen to the actual management on a call, a critical SEV1 outage, because there was a cultural fight between the two we didn't find out about until a week later. Or when we had an outage in Mexico and no one answered the on-site phone, all their numbers where wrong in the database, and we had to finally wake up a Director who had some random higher-ups cell phone and woke the site support people who apparently were all sleeping on the job...20 different people, wrong numbers with extra digits, and they let us know in the conference call (while speaking spanish, even being told repeatedly it is an "English only" room) how little they actually cared if their airport had service or not.

If you claim to be an "American company" yet stab your American workers in the back at every chance just for your profit margin, your nothing more than a psychopath. Reading your comments makes you look like that; you sound like a wannabe slave master.

Comment Re:A right does not obligate anyone to act (Score 1) 188

It is your right, if you want to deploy your own home-brewed radio station and don't broadcast in any restricted freqs. Anyone can do it, for under $1000. No one will probably hear you, so you'll have to buy everyone receivers too. It's within your capabilities to broadcast even on FM easily, just beware the FCC and Clearchannel.

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