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Comment No mention of side effects (Score 1) 66

I've read a few articles talking about the side effects of the finger magnets. Most people can't leave them in, as the "sensations" never stop. People seem to have problems sleeping since there is almost always some detectable fields nearby, especially the types that get these implants have all sorts of devices so your fingers might "tingle" all night. I would assume that eventually your brain would adjust, just like your not constantly aware of the clothing touching your skin...but that might take months.

I suppose you might design some kind of shielding glove so you can turn it off and on in a way. Perhaps if you had a small enough magnet implanted? Oh, also not noted, is that since this is NOT a "surgical procedure" you legally get no anesthetic, just like when you get a piercing. But since you can buy pure powdered benzocaine off Amazon...

The magnetic fingertip idea is neat, and it can't really be seen either. RFID chips sound too complex and can be broken after implant. That "Circadia" implant in the pic looks nasty. Other than the magnets and the RFID chips, there doesn't seem to be much to this "grinder" movement yet.

Comment Re: Materialistic monism is an outdated notion (Score 1) 263

the only problem is the brain itself is constantly modified by hormonal reactions that come from various parts of the body. Without those, life might be very strange. For example, people who have their thyroid removed need hormones to "stay normal". If you had an electronic human brain, you might also need to electronically fill in the inputs that are on the subconscious level too. Many emotions and feelings stem from chemical hormonal interactions inside the brain; how to code that level too?

Comment Re:Locality of self. (Score 1) 263

If you were married, which copy is still married? Which one does the husband/wife continue to share their life with?

That's obvious, the copy is left with the wife. That's the whole point of the copy, someone to maintain the married life...I remember some Outer Limits or Twilight Zone like this, the guy copies himself so he can do other stuff; I think in the end somehow the copy ended up with the family and the original was an outcast.

Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 361

Most people in the US have no clue what those labels mean. All they know is "I'm good and all else is bad". A true represenative system with real multiple parties would make their head explode. We've been programmed to see only two sides to everything. There is only black or white, right or wrong, freedom or slavery. We use words like "libtard" and "republicthug", our system is set up so only two parties can really exist over multiple election cycles. The two parties just swap positions in attempts to get to 51%. The actual controllers behind the curtain are the same families since at least the winners emerged from the American industrial revolution.

Comment Re:$900 Million from the Koch Brothers (Score 1) 361

Gravity is provable, there is a huge list of experiments and data that have done this. I think your confusing the idea that real science must be provable and have the ability to be false. Just because we haven't pinned down gravity's exact mechanism doesn't mean it's voodoo. We'll need a more powerful collider most likely to get further down than the Higgs.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 5, Insightful) 361

No, the majority of Americans think Progressivism is some type of car insurance company, and socialism is Hitler, Stalin, and Satan all rolled up into one. They want their government "run like a business" but then also scream when that "company" has "layoffs". A corporation has zero ethics and zero empathy, and only is concerned with quarterly dividends...I don't understand why anyone would want their government run like that.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 166

My Skinit Cargo case keeps this from happening. You actually have to purposely press the power button, in the years I've used that type of case I've never accidentally dialed anyone. And until two months ago when I dropped the phone face down onto a gravel covered concrete parking lot, the phone looked practically new. I'm sure other cases provide similar protection.

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