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Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 2) 248 248

These aren't just "domain experts", their also highly biased. Many of them flat-out lie and manipulate real science and statistics to "inform" the politicians. If these biases were biased towards humanity that would be one thing, but lobbyists are often promoting whatever their corporate masters are directing them to.

Comment Re:I don't think it's a ho-hum (Score 1) 248 248

I'm partially pro-gun and completely pro-gay. This defaulted two party system has been completely corrupted and is fundamentally broken. The original framework doesn't require just two parties, but somehow this is the outcome. I suspect this is because the representation system is a "republic" so has limited participation. The "rich elites" where able to game this to just two real "participants", the Republicans and the Democrats. These elites where once actual humans, but are now corporations who's only goal is quarterly profit and the humans are mere puppets. The corporation will do things no one actual human would normally do. Each puppet applies their full creativity to profit with no capability to see a bigger (or moral) picture of eventual outcomes beyond the next quarterly results. If any one person poisoned a river they would be put away, but a corp can do it with nothing but a the situation is never morally corrected since the fines rarely come close to the amounts of profit.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 4, Interesting) 132 132

I'm an American, and I would happily pay for a subscription service to the various BBC channels. As it sits now, the only was people like myself have access to this content is via torrents / pirate streams. The BBC shows are the only content that even registers on my conscious, and "BBC America" just doesn't cut it. I too wouldn't ever want the programming to change from it's fact, that's one of the major reasons I enjoy it is to broaden my cultural knowledge. The amount of income from the potential subscriptions is probably in the millions, and that's just in the USA.

I'm already enjoying much of the content, if I could pay for it I would. The same goes for CBC in Canada, CH4, Space, etc.

Comment Posters around work? (Score 1) 467 467

Almost all the posters around our building are people in three piece suits. Some people wear track suit pants to work. However, we're not R&D, and no customers ever come to our site. Well, our "customers" are big airlines, and the building itself is on airport property, so those "customers" are always close by. But you need multiple badges and PIN codes to actually get into the Enterprise Command Center. It's also always super cold in there, so no one wears shorts.

But what no one here notices is that this is all about the coming sell-off of HPE. They poured millions into our building, and we never have customers come in there. Enforcing this dress code is another sign. The fact that Whitman will get $91 million if we're acquired is a HUGE RED FLAG. However, this might not be a bad thing if it's not IBM or some other "we outsource everyone" company. We're homing like EMC, maybe even SABRE.

Comment Re:you're a sucker (Score 1) 428 428

we discussed it anyway, as there was no way for them to monitor it. Thanks for the insult, it's quite useful in a conversation like this for adding information to the subject at hand. And since this state I'm in is "at will", anyone under such a contractual system can be fired for "no stated reason".

Comment Every contract I've worked (Score 1) 428 428

usually has a clause explicitly saying we can't discuss our pay with other contractors. I always found this a bit evil, since it's only purpose is to depress wages overall. But if Google doesn't include such a clause in their employment contract, too bad for them.

Comment Re:That Seattle broadband issue (Score 1) 410 410

doubtful, Seattle really fucked up their broadband deployment. "Gigabit Seattle" apparently was a horrible failure. Part of the problem was the law made "right a way" too hard to get for many condo units, apartment buildings, etc to the point the telco's had to track down owners overseas, big corps that just ignored them, etc. They never secured enough $$$ to roll-out piecemeal, the city eventually canceled the project. Why they ever thought they could have a privately backed "public partnership" roll-out without some serious bonds is beyond me. And letting it drag on for 10 years was ridiculous. "Gigabir Squared" is now getting sued by the City of Seattle over $52K+ unpaid bills.

Comment Re:Non-problems, except for traffic (Score 1) 410 410

I don't think Uber will really have a huge impact on over-all traffic, especially for people driving to work every day. Unless Uber starts doing multi-stop / multi-passenger trips (which will require far better software to do that) their not going to significantly cut the number of cars on the road over-all. Subways, light rail, Hyper Loop, flying drone cabs (?), is required to effectively cut the traffic.

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