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Comment: Re:Consequences for quantum computing? (Score 1) 83

probably won't work, as the individual "servers" in the cluster wouldn't be able to communicate with each other on a quantum level if there is a "hard limit". The cluster could break down the problem into multiple, simpler ones and divide that up amongst itself...but that might collapse the wave forms down if there is some "limit". But I don't think that's what TFA was talking about, I think it's talking about the energy point where matter become "macro matter", ie the wave becomes the photon.

Comment: Re:Heisenberg compensator ... (Score 3, Funny) 83

I can visualize exactly what these interactions would look like. Borrowing energy from it's future self isn't really THAT weird, it's still maintaining the same total amount over it's lifetime. It's both a particle and a wave because, at that size and energy level, it exists outside of our macro existence. And DMT isn't really strong enough for this nor does it last very long; to really grok it you need dextromethorphan hydrobromide in large quantities. It's a milligram per kilo formula, "large quantities" as compared to the standard 15mg dose; to reach the place you need between 1.5-2 grams. The set-up is also very important, I suggest finding some TED talks, documentaries, college course broadcasts, etc, that go into these ideas you can't quite grasp...about 8 hours of them. Comfy chair, dark room, dose yourself and let it roll. You will visit places internally that you didn't know existed, see things that will break down those macro walls. You might even meet entities that will explain it to you. I'm assuming these entities are whatever is playing mixed in with your own thoughts; but you'll be so dissociated you can have in-depth conversations with them and "learn" things in a radical new way.

Having a 169 IQ helps too, but anyone can reach quantum visualization and comprehension this way. You still won't be able to explain it to most; it just doesn't sync with our macro experience. But you will grok it.

Comment: Re:Hmmm... (Score 2, Informative) 339

then you must not be sleeping well, since this info is pretty easily found on the net already...and available from people like Abdul Qadeer Khan who also will help you build it. This genie is LONG out of the this whole censorship thing is nothing but fear-mongering, and you totally bought into it.

Comment: BRILLIANT (Score 2) 339

Interesting book, and awesome FREE MARKETING courtesy of the Feds! There's really nothing in this book that countries like Iran, NK, etc don't already have. He should publish both, one censored "inside" the US, and an uncensored version outside the US. Then people might even buy both of them...

Comment: Re:Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth... (Score 1) 197

by l0n3s0m3phr34k (#49326297) Attached to: Pixar Releases Free Version of RenderMan
I just look around on my corps "self help IT portal" until I find some almost-forgotten system with CS6 on it. I accidentally have two MSDN subs too (two different corp emails), and I have no idea how much M$ is charging them. I don't really care, but if I can only track down a networked plotter, I have some movie posters to print!

Comment: Who is this company? (Score 2, Interesting) 311

This sounds like a pre-made lawsuit, something the Kocks would fund. The conspiracy theorist in me says that this suit was just ready to go, probably when the FCC first started talking about net neutrality. This tiny ISP is being used because it's a "small business"...if Comcast / Cox / AT&T filed this it would be even harder to push. And it's no coincidence it's in Texas either. Someone needs to start digging around and find out who is REALLY funding I doubt this ISP is using their own profits to pursue this.

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