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Comment: Re:Another materials article (Score 1) 33

by l0n3s0m3phr34k (#47381777) Attached to: Researchers Create Walking, Muscle-Powered Biobots
hmmm,,,let's look around, were to find such a thing...hey, I just found almost 7 billion walking "nutrient chemical solution recycling systems" just walking around! Engage VAMPIRE mode for more power! Really though, this thing could use blood straight from "the tap"...vampire robots! great idea! Hey, I think that might be a "new idea" that hasn't been made into a movie or such...

Comment: Re:Flat or angled? (Score 1) 501

yeah...I would think this might just "shift" the tornado activity further east...these walls wouldn't dissipate energy just move it. With wind turbines we might actually dissipate some energy from the storms but that adds huge complexity to the idea. Add into this Oklahoma is getting hit with fracking-induced earthquakes all the time now in the 2-5 range...

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Maybe where you live it is. If I had the cash I could pick up 50-100 in a day, double that if there's a gun show in town. Machine shop the firing mechanism for the automatic, and your done. Of course I live in Tulsa, OK so we are literally awash with weapons. I have two friends who could mill of them does every once in awhile, if someone can come up with the proper paperwork. He's a licensed gunsmith so he has to be VERY careful doing weapon mods...but I've seen his work and often he uses "better parts" than the originals.

Fast n Furious aside, I've been told most of the weapons are originally from various governments who "legitimately and legally" bought them from various manufactures. This is where they've gotten their packet-radio broadcast system the cartels have been setting up too, set up by Mexican special forces. The cartels are making so much money they can easily pay more than the real Army.

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Technically, Mexico is a first-world state since their a democracy who is aligned with NATO. The term comes from the Cold War...1st world=western democracies , 2nd=eastern communist (Warsaw Pact)/ 3rd=everyone else who hadn't chosen sides yet. Mexico might not be "highly prosperous" and seemingly not working with the US much... Part of the issue is we would have to cut ourselves off from the Rio Grande river, or put the wall in the middle of it. I would make it like the wall of Monsters, tall and fortified...or like Hadron's wall.

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by l0n3s0m3phr34k (#47312025) Attached to: What Happens If You Have a Heart Attack In Space?
no one can hear you scream "I'm having a heart attack!" Right now, you'd probably die if it was severe enough. Honestly, I think the higher risk would be from a stroke; zero-g might cause random blood clots to dislodge. The article doesn't mention this device actually getting deployed yet; their still testing it on the Vomit Comet. After what our guys did during Apollo 18 though, I'll put money down on them fabricating some type of defibrillator from the ISS itself. Since your in free-fall zero G, you might get lucky and have a longer time period since your heart doesn't need to pump nearly as hard; or that might screw up your internals even more! As Dennis Leary said "we just don't know". We probably should be inducing heart attacks in mice up there to see what happens.

I kinda find it hard to believe that NO ONE has sent a single defibrillator up there by now, just from a risk-assessment standpoint. Even though we send all our astronauts through rigorous health checks pre-flight, some of our astronauts are pushing 65-70. We've sent up student projects, a small defib doesn't weigh much. I have a feeling that a heart attack victim would fare well in a Soyuz emergency landing, if they even could in a rapid enough time frame.

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