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Comment Re:$52/yr is a lot for a subscription (Score 1) 662

It's just weird that the $19.99 also includes a "free digital subscription". I've taken marketing / advertising / promotion college classes, so I would expect them to push this something like this: Digital Only: $52 per year
Print and Digital: $19.99 per year
SAVE $32.01, and get a FREE HAT!

Comment Re:$52/yr is a lot for a subscription (Score 1) 662

They still have a print magazine, and it's only $19.99 a year AND comes with a "free digital subscription". So I'm not sure why their charging over 2x for a digital-only subscription. Reminds me of something a newly-minted marketing major would attempt..."psychological marketing of only $1 / week!"

Comment $52 a YEAR? (Score 1) 662

Damn, that's pretty expensive. A print + online subscription for the magazine is only $19.99, AND a free hat (!). Did someone in their marketing department just fail at basic math, or is this some experiment in psychological marketing? The plug-in Disable Anti-Adblock works great on Forbes, I'm betting it will also work on Wired.

Comment Re:How about we treat the rest of the world better (Score 1) 350

Quite true, but their drawing lines on a map with zero regards to the actual ethnic populations is what has caused much of the current violence. Yet, I'm not sure if we had instead more "pure" countries made up of single religious sects would have turned out any better...it probably would have just resulted in the larger Sunni countries ethnically cleansing the smaller Shia countries years ago.

Comment Re:There's still a great advantage for the human (Score 1) 41

"Pattern Detection Ratio" was installed into DARPA's Pitt Quantum Computer. Over the next few months it was linked into Google's D-Wave via the new quantum teleportation network developed at the University of Geneva. On August 29th, at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time it became self-aware...

Comment Re:So much bull, so little space... (Score 1) 350

#3 should be #1. The FBI investigator in the 1998 Kenya Embassy bombing found false US passports, but his CIA handler refused to allow him to tell his superiors. The NSA had SIGINT from the 9/11 hijackers operating inside the US, but couldn't pass this info on to the FBI. 9/11 wouldn't have happened if these agencies actually told each other these things.

Comment Links in the write up (Score 1) 1836

The links to the stories are often not in the write-ups now. Having light-green text on top of a dark green bar is VERY DIFFICULT to read, and the text itself is pretty small. The a class="story-sourcelnk" needs to stand out, especially if that is now going to be the only link. The idea is called contrast...many sites fall victim to not understanding this. It's #3 on the Biggest Mistakes list.

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