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Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 147

here ya go "The study is the first to document the biological communities living on the tiny particles of debris known as microplastics, and recorded many new types of microbe and invertebrate for the first time." This is pretty "new" discovery, from 2015, so yeah you might not have heard about it yet.

Comment I guess I'm just lucky (Score 1) 386

My current It job is basically "eyes on glass" situation management for a very large airline, plus a collection of other companies. I work an overnight shift, four 10's. I love my job, but that's mainly because most nights I don't actually do any "work". It's the best job ever; I have eight monitors and a 100mb net connection. All night I watch netflix / primewire. I've seen hundreds of zombie movies now, I sit and cruise the net all night. I remote back to my home network and configure my test servers. I have four weeks of vacation. My boss is awesome too; he's got 20+ years of hands-on experience and it one of the most knowedgeable people in this field I've met. When something does break, he knows exactly who to call to get it fixed, no matter what country their in or what time it is.

But I've worked some pretty horrible positions too, at the same company. The best was a Director who hired her lesbian (and married) lover and made her a manager...neither knew much of anything. One client had their Exchange servers go down; I was told "well they can just use OWA until their back up", not realizing OWA is just the web interface to those same non-responding servers. Eventually those two got busted, neither works there now. The Director was working for a month or so on a different team in the same area I am now; it was VERY amusing to see her almost have a heart attack when she walked in and saw me there...someone she had fired was still there at another position making 2x what I had before. I see it all as karma for working at a crap position and finally getting some kind of reward.

Comment Re:How can you "steal" a bitcoiin? (Score 1) 81

It's actually considered a "commodity" per the IRS for tax purposes. This data has a specific value, only valid for that particular combination of bits. Technically, these bitcoins might even be worth "more" or "less" depending on the market and their actual brands. There are at least 200 different "bitcoin" "currencies".

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 81

It's still not enough. He proved that, with just a little bit of governance (Silk Road), the drug market can be tamed. Thus, this DEA set up. They knew that without some real solid charges it wasn't good enough. Even if the whole "attempted murder" bullshit was thrown out he's still fucked. If he had gotten "big enough" to be noticed the cartel's would have taken him out anyway.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 147

There are bacteria and eukaryotes that have been found consuming plastic in the ocean. It's only a matter of time until a bird consumes an "infected plastic" with said organism on it and isn't just killed off. Eventually, if we keep pouring plastic into the environment, this evolution will happen, but it could take thousands / millions of years.

Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 475

your right, the f-35 won't sit on the ground, it will engage in A2A. Then the troops won't have any air support, as it will get chewed up by the existing enemy jets. It's not good enough to win against an F-16, except when the F-35 has superior numbers. Additionally, there are several "models" of the F-35, but their not some lego swap out kit done in the field. The specific F-35s that will replace the A-10s will be nothing more than targets for existing F-16s, and other already deployed aircraft.

Comment Re:hmmmm (Score 1) 475

Even better if the newer electronics can be retrofitted into the older ships as well, after a solid shake-out in the new A-10s. If it's all based on the same airframe...

If the A-10s can hang around nearby for extended periods, perhaps we should even add in electronic packages that can electronically support troops in the field too.

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