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+ - New Republican leaders blast net neutrality->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "From the story: "All four House Republicans vying to lead the House Energy and Commerce Committee have vowed to put a stop to any FCC-led adoption of net neutrality rules. Even if they can’t ultimately convince FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to abandon the net neutrality order this month, the GOP lawmakers say they’re prepared to haul him up to Capitol Hill quite frequently starting in January.""
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+ - What Enterprise Level Forms Solutions Do You Use?

Submitted by kylner
kylner (639495) writes "The local county government IT department that I work for is trying to find an enterprise level solution to the problem of form fragmentation. We have departments that have built internal and client facing forms using Word, Excel, Acrobat, as well as FormStack for web-enabled forms. What this has led to is massive fragmentation with no standardized solution. Has anybody else out there faced a similar problem within their company and do you have any product recommendations to help resolve it? Ideally, we would like a centralized solution that enables our end-users to continue developing the forms themselves, but also provides a means for making these forms web-enabled to help eliminate the paper waste that has traditionally plagued these departments. FormStack is great, but doesn't really scale to the level that we need it to."

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