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Comment Re:YES, it has upsides. (Score 1) 158

Probably yes. They silently forced HTML5 for all users a while ago. Just download the YouTube Flash Player extension. It tricks YouTube into thinking you don't have neither mp4 nor webm codecs, so YouTube defaults into Flash. Alternatively, you can set to false the following settings: media.webm.enabled and media.fragmented-mp4.enabled , but this will stop sites with html5-only video like 9gag from working.

Comment Re:"Action" cheaper than "Inaction" is a surprise? (Score 1) 239

Whose Tens of Trillions of Dollars? The people who will see their properties and crops destroyed by the changing of the climate and the more extreme weather parties? Sorry, lawmakers are not interested in that demographic. Neeeext!

Comment YES, it has upsides. (Score 4, Informative) 158

Okay, I know this will annoy Desktop Linux and OS X people a lot, but Flash does have it's upsides under Windows. YouTube's HTML5 player stutters on old PCs and somewhat old netbooks even at 480p in fullscreen, Flash plays fullscreen 720p smoothly. There is one Firefox extension whose only purpose is to allow the user to force Flash on YouTube.

Comment Re:What an opportunity! (Score 3, Insightful) 359

Using Bitcoin to trade doesn't make any more sense than using Google or Apple stocks to trade (with the difference that Google and Apple stocks fluctuate less rapidly in value). Oh, and the state-controlled water companies and the mostly state-controlled electricity company of Greece () accept payment only in Euros. And the special tax on all fuels (heating diesel, vehicle diesel, gasoline, LPG and CNG), which is seperate from VAT, is paid in Euro only, so gas stations have to charge in Euro. Even in if everyone else decides to sell you stuff Bitcoin, you still have to use Euros to live. BTW, if a country's currency become worthless (like a new Drachma will be), people typically use US dollars (see Zimbabwe), not obscure libertarian cryptocurrencies. Sorry.

Comment Re:Oblig. Musk stroking (Score 2) 249

Tesla was a pioneer in the field of "electric cards that are not grocery getters", so it's reasonable that every other company is compared to them. BTW, the article doesn't mention whether the new GM vehicle can use Tesla's network of "superchargers". And if they can, will the pricing scheme be the same for GM owners (compared to Tesla owners). Musk built an infrastructure advantage for Tesla, which traditional carmakers will struggle to beat.

Comment Re:Manufacturing buisness supported by government. (Score 5, Informative) 356

Also, much less than the incentives oil companies get. They buy a scarce resource (crude oil reserves) from the government for a fixed cost, instead of a "percentage of sales to customers" cost (as it would certainly happen if the government acted as a seller looking after the bottom line). But this scheme is so well hidden most people have no idea it even exists.

Comment Re:not all dialups accounts are in use (Score 1) 153

THIS. And this is why I 've never used any of the email address my ISPs gave me over time. Sure, there is some way to cancel the service and still have emails sent to the old address forwarded, but if I can't bother enough to find out how it's done, novice users won't either. I am not from the US, so I don't know if there are places that have telephone (PSTN) but can't have DSL because they are too far away from the closest DSLAM.

Comment Re:only i3/i5 (Score 1) 268

Most (sane) people have already. I think still using Facebook tells a lot about you, none of it positive.

The reason I use Facebook is because it's clear off privacy-crazy "i know better than you" neckbeards. Not using Facebook while being computer literate tells a lot about you, none of it positive. Let me be clear: No, I don't care if my software is free. No, I don't care if Facebook sells the data I upload. Because the benefit of having software that works and connecting with friends respectively is higher than any small price.

Comment Re:"The World" (Score 1) 215

It would be trivial for developed countries to write laws that prevent the import or manufacture of products made from raw materials that came from "dirty" factories. But that's crazy talk. Because bribes err... I mean free market, efficiency, lower prices for "consumers", the invisible hand will fix this.

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