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Comment: Re: (Score 4, Interesting) 93

by kurkosdr (#47973963) Attached to: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premieres On Linux, 2 Years After Windows
So, if you want to really take advantage of the hardware you 've paid for, you 've got to go Nvidia. All the others are basically frauds when it comes to Linux support. So, why so much Nvidia hate in the community? Isn't having a Linux system that's 99.9% open-source and has killer graphics better than having a system that's 100% open-source but doesn't allow you to take advantage of the GPU hardware?

Comment: Re: (Score 1) 326

by kurkosdr (#47851131) Attached to: Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx
(at last, a Stallman lecture that you can sit through) Now, as regards topic, presenting "free software" as the only way to gain customer rights is a recipe for disaster. It basically gives proprietary companies the "right" to never deal with customer rights complaints, because "if you want that use free software".

Comment: Re: (Score 1) 819

by kurkosdr (#47845465) Attached to: 3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room
I don't say this often, but we need some regulation here. All airplane seats should have enough legroom to accomondate an 185 cm person, with the front seat reclined. This would prevent airliners from putting seats that recline too much (what kind of stupid engineers design economy class seats that recline so much anyway?) PS: So many thanks for tiping me on Knee Defender! I am only 177 cm, but have trouble when inconsiderate people in front of me recline the seat all the way.

Comment: Re:Same reason blu-ray didn't take off (Score 1) 204

by kurkosdr (#47838023) Attached to: Dell Demos 5K Display
The reason 4K content might not get pirated too much is because of the sheer size of it. Even the heavily compressed release will have to be around 16GB! (1080p releases are usually around 8GB, 4 times that equals 32GB, halve that because H.265 alledgely achieves same quality in half the size... 16GB)

Comment: Re:Same reason blu-ray didn't take off (Score 2) 204

by kurkosdr (#47837967) Attached to: Dell Demos 5K Display
"Why are they still bothering?" This time it's gonna be different and we are going to lock the content for good. The company that sold us the "DRM solution" promised it! They also promised nobody can run PowerDVD or WinDVD inside a debugger and figure out the DRM system because the decryption code is protected by magic fairies.

Comment: Re:Same reason blu-ray didn't take off (Score 1) 204

by kurkosdr (#47837915) Attached to: Dell Demos 5K Display
Problem is, there isn't any GOOD standard def content anymore. Your choices are either heavily compressed 480p/576p with visible artifacts, or a jump to 720p. Even if you go legal and rent DVDs, most DVDs nowadays are heavily compressed too, and most studios don't remove film noise anymore (which looks terrible in heavily compressed SD). Gone are the days of excellent DVD releases such as Blade III (two dual layers DVDs - yay!)

Comment: Re: (Score 1) 61

by kurkosdr (#47735939) Attached to: Virtual Machine Brings X86 Linux Apps To ARMv7 Devices
And what DOES run on the Raspberyy Pi? The Raspberry Pi requires special binaries, and even then the performance is bad. It was already-obsolete when released, now it's vintage. Just buy an ODROID-U3. For a price different that is essentially pocket change, you get much more utility. And it runs Real Android (tm) with Play Store. I even run Vector Unit's games with no third party app (and Gameloft games with the Tincore Keymapper app).

Comment: Re:Fortunately, it will be banned! (Score 2) 72

by kurkosdr (#47344019) Attached to: Want To Resell Your Ebooks? You'd Better Act Fast
"Banning has already eradicated many other invisible activities..." They 'll just sell you a computer with Secure Boots on steroids (always enabled, allowing only fully "certified" images to run) which also is glued-shut and has glued-on components, so you can't open it without destroying it. Good luck with installing a custom OS on that. I hope I am wrong, but soon some Hollywood Legislator will ban devices with unlocked bootloaders like Nexus devices and mandate always-enabled secure boots on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc).

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