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Comment: "George’s genius was realizing..." (Score 4, Insightful) 325

by kurfu (#30523824) Attached to: The Nuking of <em>Duke Nukem</em>
“George’s genius was realizing where games were going and taking it to the next level...” No. From TFA, it appears that as far as DNF is concerned, George was not an innovator at all. Instead of coming up with his own ideas, he wasted 12 years trying to play catch-up to every new shiny thing that got released.

Comment: I use three HD's... (Score 1) 393

by kurfu (#27924035) Attached to: How To Store Internal Hard Drives?

For backup, I use three HD's and rotate them:

1-Caddy (unposered) - will be used on next backup, then moved off-site.

2-Closet - will be moved to caddy after next backup

3-OFFSITE (locked in my desk at work) - this is the most recent back up, and will be moved to closet after next backup.

After a backup, the rotation looks like this:

1 goes to 3
2 goes to 1
3 goes to 2

Comment: Re:what about the obvious ? (Score 1) 1065

by kurfu (#23822503) Attached to: Road Rage Linked To Automobile Bumper Stickers

Bullshit. You obviously have all your "science" education from high school or some engineering college. Only idiots who tag stories like this with correlationisnotcausation think science is causation studies. It's not.
Ahhh yes... the social scientist mantra... "We can't really prove anything logically, so we'll resort to emotive dismissal and public belittlement of those that disagree with us." Sweet.

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