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Comment Re:I read this on Slashdot more than 5 years ago (Score 1) 287

I remember that article too about the evolutionary designed circuit. I remember it had to point out if a certain frequency was there, or something like that. If I look to sun (actually works better if I miss slightly) I have to sneeze. Ah, there is an article written about it So what do you think, could these two phenomenons be somehow related?

Comment Re:Misleading title? Say it ain't so! (Score 1) 347

From the freaking paper: "Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions."

Do someone find that from some other paper? DNA-extraction looks quite easy and I could send and receive signals via USRP and try to detect if there is resonance. It might be an interesting hobby project even, if doomed to fail.

Comment Re:"Kaminsky" (Score 1) 244

.. I forgot to log in. About these naming conventions and grammar nazis, well. Finish has these things called prepositions, which are used in quite similar way, and it is said that Finnish is one of the hardest language to learn because of those. Good luck with that Dan... And that kind of behavior is not a new invention. I have faint memories, that for example Symbian did use that kind of trick to interfere memory allocation behavior or smth. It's funny how in Symbian class's variables are always iSomething, and then *tudumtsah* iPhone.

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