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Comment: And yet.. (Score 2) 101

It always amazes me that the people that complain all the time about Slashdot with dupes, bad articles, etc. come back every day just so they can tell everyone how bad it is. It's as though they sit and wait for it just so they can make long winded comments on how bad Slashdot is. It is getting really old.

Comment: Re:Microsoft will pull back (Score 1) 426

by kryliss (#44875985) Attached to: With XP's End of Life, Munich Will Distribute Ubuntu CDs

Not always true. I have worked on many machines where the Live CD will setup wireless/video/audio/other device and when the install has completed and rebooted, those things didn't work. I would have to manually install them. Usually not too difficult of a task but more of an annoyance.

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