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+ - GNOME 2.22 out, chock full of new features->

Submitted by gimli
gimli (666) writes "Gnome 2.22 has just been released. The latest version of GNOME brings a host of new features and architectural enhancements. These include the GVFS virtual file system framework, tweaks to GNOME's Totem video player, and new applications like Cheese and Vinagre. Evolution also gets some love in 2.22, but not all of the planned features made the cut. 'Some features that were proposed for inclusion GNOME 2.22, like the Empathy messaging client, were not ready in time for the release and have been deferred until GNOME 2.24. Other features that are currently planned for version 2.24 include the Nautilus column view and a new version of the Ekiga VoIP client.'"
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The Internet

+ - Pirate Bay earns 20,000 Euros a day-> 2

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "controverisal pro-piracy website the piratebay likes to portray itself as an innocent hobby site that provides a free index without censorship, but recent facts show that the site is earning up to 20,000 Euros per day from its advertising. Taking in money on this scale puts a different slant on the motives behind the Swedish filesharing site, and could open up the runners of the site to prosecution for profiting from copyright infringement."
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