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Comment Re:Vindicated (Score 1) 141

Man, when I started reading your comment I was close to adding ".. but I simply reconfigured the Heisenberg Modulators so the deflector shield now tripled the opticron conversion rate so its alignment is now in conflusion with the beta-cronicles defrigilator.... Glad it started make sense after the third sentence =)

Heisenberg compensators, compensators... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transporter_(Star_Trek)

Comment Utah sucks... (Score 0, Flamebait) 285

Utah sucks... Their exports:

1. Hot chicks that like to get down (even tho they are mormons)
2. Pimple faced bible throwing teen boys
3. Solid fuel rockets WTF Who knew?

If someone can build a better motor cheaper, faster and safer than Utah... Fuck em'. They'll be the first to squeel and scream about too much gov't so... Let em' hang.

Only thing Utah is good for is another Fallout expansion...

Comment Re:reading (Score 0) 256

Not right of hand, no. Don't have the time to spend to go looking the crap up in my filing cabinets. So, I restate that the above statement is true with no research to back it up because I'm lazy. It's out there if you look for it. There were also rulings against companies by the FTC for false advertising and promises not fulfilled which resulted in several monetary rewards. Again, not going to back up with references, you can find it if you want. Just search for hooked on phonics and FTC .. Shouldn't take too long.