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Comment Re:Didn't we do this already? (Score 1) 284

While this is creepy, and might be interesting in a clinical sense ... why have we started covering the crazy end of the tech spectrum? I'm afraid this just reads like "batshit crazy guy writes gibberish OS, come look at our ads".

I would've agreed if TFA wasn't posted yesterday and did not add substance to the story. As it turns out, it's a fascinating read and really does a wonderful job of finally doing a technical piece on TempleOS instead of focusing on the creator's mental illness.

Comment Twice conversion to the other side (Score 2) 284

Interestingly, the man claimed to be an atheist at some point.

He’d grown up Catholic, but later embraced atheism. "I thought the brain was a computer," Davis says, "And so I had no need for a soul." He saw himself as a scientific materialist; he believes that metaphor—the brain as a computer—has done more to increase the number of atheists than anything by Darwin. He still considers himself scientifically minded. "Today I find the people most similar to me are atheist-scientist people," he says. "The difference is God has talked to me, so I'm basically like an atheist who God has talked to."

Comment Wow, much Tor, OTP and Faraday's Cage! (Score 1) 42

Like all the amazing cryptographic solutions from people whose understanding of security boils down to Tor == anonymous and OTP == tehshitz, the article conveniently glosses over the exchange of OTP key or the Twitter account name.

Whatever channel is used for agreeing upon those essentials, it will complicate claim of "hardly any trace that an interaction even happened" quite significantly.

Comment Can someone please answer (Score 1) 420

Why is this particular image such a viral hit? Have people tried creating images which would appear of different colors but failed to split opinion on such a wide scale?

First everyone started arguing over their gut-reaction, "it's obviously color X!"

Then everyone started trying to sound smart by doing some variation of: "Colors are perceived by your brain! Can you imagine that? Your brain. Like, literally!"

The /. crowd can mostly understand without much fuss that colors are subjective. A more geek-oriented analysis -- which I'm pining to read somewhere -- would deal with what took the Internet so long to catch up to this phenomenon.

Comment Re:DirectX is obsolete (Score 0) 135

It does not exist, and the "best" solution is abstinence. (In this case, Not running every EXE you find on the internet.)

Actually, the equivalent analogy would be to just not go on the Internet. Even then you run the risk of getting infected with something like Stuxnet. The real "abstinence" would be to not interact with any external/untrusted data at all.

Comment Re:Note to HotHardware (Score 3, Insightful) 227

I honestly, sincerely, without-any-prejudice, spent 5 minutes on that page trying to figure out the differences in quality in "three-way comparison" but for the life of me all I am able to discern is minor differences which can be attributed to a plethora of reasons other than the hardware capabilities.

If anything, this comparison served well to make me consider buying a console. I mean, if I'm not able to see a significant difference, why would it make sense for me to spend extra bucks on the PC? Just because some videophile found the console version to be "muddy"?

Comment Re:It helps to actually use the thing. (Score 4, Funny) 296

Nearly all of the development tools of Linux are available on OSX via ports, brew or simply compiling oneself. Even fairly advanced stuff like valgrind. There is no shortage of cross platform GUI toolkit like Qt.

In what way is OSX crippled as a dev box ?

Well, obviously the lack of systemd.

Comment Are people still going to buy this thing? (Score 2) 76

Sure, the Kickstarter is canceled but the makers have continued their marketing campaign. From the official website:

Looks like the Kickstarter is over. The device will be for sale soon directly through this website though, so check back soon. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified as soon as its [sic] available.

It'll be interesting to see how the general public's trust pans out over this thing. Do they take Kickstarter's cancellation as a red flag or are they so desperate for a easily-configurable Tor router that they'll pay whoever they can for it. Even if that means trusting these assholes vs. their ISPs.

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