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Comment: Crappy date format (Score 1) 333

by krigat (#42953825) Attached to: Google Patents Staple of '70s Mainframe Computing
I really wonder why a cutting-edge IT company like Google is using such a crappy date format in their patent example... it's not properly sortable and ambiguous. I know, it's just an example... still, it shows the obvious inexperience of whoever is responsible for filing that patent.Something like "C:\temp\1999-12-01\" would be the better way...

Comment: Re:This ain't the first time ... (Score 1) 470

by krigat (#42809445) Attached to: Is the Era of Groundbreaking Science Over?

Now, if you want to talk about the Japanese or the Germans for taking our original inventions and making them better, then I'm with you all the way. The Chinese? They still have a while to go before overcoming their issues, especially when the cheapskate culture is so widespread around here.

Well, that's a different case. The Japanese and the Germans are on the same "side" as the US - they generally don't copy, but invent themselves (e.g. the automobile, which has been invented in Germany). Thus, they have the same problem - their products are copied by China, India etc.

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