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+ - Steam Update breaks Modern Warfare 2. Still Being Sold->

Submitted by kribby
kribby (964773) writes "Back in August, Call of Duty news site MP1st had reported that a recent Steam update has broken multiplayer matchmaking for the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. To this day, the issue has not been resolved. Considering that the Call of Duty series is heavily focused on the multiplayer aspect, the game is essentially broken. Yet, it's still being sold on Steam"
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PC Games (Games)

+ - Steam Still Selling Broken PC Game After 2 Months->

Submitted by
kribby writes "People who have bought 'Earth 2160' via Steam have not been able to enjoy their purchase for more than 2 months. The user is greeted with a "failed to get steamid" error message upon startup. There are several forum threads related to the problem, but Steam has failed to give a specific announcement or provide refunds."
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Comment: fuck Tweakguide (Score 1) 504

by kribby (#26187695) Attached to: An In-Depth Look At Game Piracy

Starforce was hated because it would force CD-ROM drives to go into PIO mode, which in long periods of time, can damage the drive. It has been documented by a number of people who fixed their suddenly-slow CD-ROM drives by removing Starforce.

I don't care if Daemon Tools or Alcohol is considered a 'rootkit' in least they don't install drivers to obstruct my use of a certain piece of legit software.

real dickmove there, tweakguide.

Comment: FAKE (Score 1) 68

by kribby (#24250063) Attached to: Wii Gets Custom Firmware, Purported PSP Emulator
classic example of a "emo kid trying to grow his e-penus" Throughout the years as a admin at NGemu, I have witnessed the birth of PS1, N64, and PS2 emulation. There is always a common characteristic between fake emulator of then and now: An unknown author claiming the extraordinary without any previous debug release that can play homebrew games. Also, they always seem to post 1 image claiming their amazing accomplishments.... I don't think anyone can tell me, with a straight face, that the image is 100% authentic

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