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+ - Yahoo inserting ads, Javascript tracker, in email bodies

Submitted by t-lab
t-lab (1168177) writes "Clients of British Telecom and Rogers Internet are reporting that Yahoo, which provides email services for the two companies, has started inserting ads in the body of HTML email messages. Users are incensed because this is happening to people with paid email service, not free ad-supported email accounts. As well, the inserted ad includes a Javascript tracker which reports back to Yahoo when the email is loaded. How many ethical violations can you discover in this situation? Where's Anonymous when you need them?



Comment: Re:bs (Score 1) 188

by kraig (#22623198) Attached to: Canadian University Puts Tech Whiz Kids in 'Dormcubator'
No, C&PA have never said that, nor has any official that I've ever seen. (I looked.)

I have friends that go or have gone to virtually any school in Canada you care to name, when asked "how's your University", most of them just shrug and say "meh, it's alright, it's a University." I've yet to see masses of undergrads enthusiastic about *anything* that isn't alcoholic.

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