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Comment: Palm Pilot and Blackberry (Score 1) 503

by kpearson (#29390235) Attached to: E-book readers ...
I've been reading ebooks on a Palm Pilot for several years and now also on my Blackberry. They don't have the best reading interfaces but they work fine and they are much more portable than larger ebook readers. I've read "War and Peace" on a Palm Pilot and "Notre-Dame de Paris" on my Blackberry so it is possible to read large and challenging books on these devices. You can find free ebooks for Palm Pilot (and several other formats) at and for both platforms at .
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Venik writes: "The head of MediaServices — the parent company of music download service — was cleared of copyright infringement charges by the Russian court. A spokesman for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, representing the plaintiffs in the case (EMI Group Plc, NBC Universal and Time Warner Inc.) said they will appeal the court's ruling. Since the closing of the main site last month, MediaServices has established another music download service —"
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