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Police Called Over 11-Year-Old's Science Project 687

Posted by samzenpus
from the duck-and-cover dept.
garg0yle writes "Police in San Diego were called to investigate an 11-year-old's science project, consisting of 'a motion detector made out of an empty Gatorade bottle and some electronics,' after the vice-principal came to the conclusion that it was a bomb. Charges aren't being laid against the youth, but it's being recommended that he and his family 'get counseling.' Apparently, the student violated school policies — I'm assuming these are policies against having any kind of independent thought?"

Comment: hp d220 (Score 1) 670

by kovi (#12662708) Attached to: Windows Nearly Ready For Desktop Use
Used to have one of these.
It had exactly the same problem with my standard 15" Planar LCD. I didn't think it was a driver problem, just a shitty integrated graphics (i845G ?). I was trying to put a "real" gfx card inside, but the mobo (made by LiteOn, model NR135 I believe) in my d220 did not have AGP slot soldered in... Seems they needed to save $0.50 in manufacturing costs.

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