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Comment: Re:Years ago, I was involved in an edit war. (Score 1) 219

by korgitser (#45680373) Attached to: Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars

Well the academia is no different. The same petty politics, the same self-serving nipple rubbing. People are the same everywhere. The only difference is that academia is more p2p - If your real work is outgunned, you can hopefully find another journal or university, get a second opinion. This makes a hell of a difference - because wikipedia seems to be a central authority, you outsource much of your critical thinking and then find yourseld pissed when people happen. In academia, because of the explicit p2p nature you are forced to do your own thinking and therefore learn to deal with it to the point that it becomes programmatic and you are not able to pause to see it to be the same thing anymore.
Also you should not underestimate the system of meta(data) you build in your mind to navigate the the academia. This meta is linked to the best and only true value system you can imagine (your's), is built on the most complete and competent data available to you (your experience) and is therefore the best you can imagine (this meta is _you_, afterall!). So you build your image of academia in the image of yourself, and then notice that academia navigates well, is predictably reliable and gets the job done. Just like you! Expect it to happen in any field though, once you invest enough brainhours.

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Can anyone think of some basic research going on right now that wouldn't fit in one of those six categories?

Climate change - reserch on this has fought the banhammer since Dubya.
Effects of fracking - the new kid in town.
Considering the status quo in the US of A, I'm pretty sure this proposal is all about clearing the road to kick the can down on.

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You seem to have trouble parsing political language.

Temporary means permanent. Once you remeber this, you will be amazed how often you hear this word.

For some further fun, notice how many of their plans and speeches become crystal clear once you interpret 'terrorist' the way they do: 'a person'.

Do I even need to remind anyone that freedom = slavery?

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"The transmission method used shapes the meaning of the content"

Even more than that, the medium defines the content to the point that there is no difference between them. You can easily see it on american TV - it's a very distinct form of crap, and you can easily see that nothing but more and worse of this crap can ever be hoped to be broadcast on this american TV.

Any medium has certain kind of message(s) it is able to convey. American press on a scale is able to convey american exceptonalism, but unable to convey real critique. Taken as a sum, the message becomes unseparable from the medium - they define and create each other like space/time/matter/energy.

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by korgitser (#44108159) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Getting Hired As a Self-Taught Old Guy?

I'd go another route:
Be willing to work for a little more than the going rate.
Focus, yes, on the smaller companies, but shoot straight for senior/teamlead positions. Your track record should cover you there. Tell them, you want to gain a level in your career and that your age should help you there.

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