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Comment: Use more dots.... (Score 1) 388

by kootsoop (#45927787) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?
GMail allows all sorts of variations on your email address. Suppose it is j.m.smith@gmail.com. Then j.m.s.m.i.t.h@gmail.com or jmsmith@gmail.com are also valid versions and will come to your inbox. You can also add a + and any text after it: j.m.smith+no_spam_please@gmail.com will also work. Note that many places see "+" as an invalid email character, which means this isn't as useful as it might be.

Comment: Re:Simple explanation (Score 1) 374

by kootsoop (#43634607) Attached to: Why US Mileage Ratings Are So Inaccurate
The quote was "75-mph truth". I think the OP means "reality". Here in Connecticut, the freeway speed is usually either 55mph or 65mph... but if you go at that speed, you'll be passed by 80% of the traffic. The "normal" speed seems to be about 75mph. I've been traveling at that speed with a cop car behind me (and lots of other traffic around doing the same speed) and wasn't pulled over.

Comment: Re:And a normal locksmith will also charge (Score 3, Informative) 132

by kootsoop (#42107595) Attached to: Hotel Keycard Lock Hack Gets Real In Texas
Actually, housekeeping staff keys are often set to expire on a daily basis. The first thing a housekeeper needs to do in the morning is to revalidate their card. If the card isn't revalidated in time, it needs to human intervention (other than the housekeeper) to be reactivates. Source: I used to work for Onity's parent company (UTC Fire & Security, as it was then), and I worked requirements for some of Onity's newer products.

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