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Comment: Re:Good for them! (Score 1) 301

> But the magazine cover says "everything you need to be evil."

actually it's "everything you need to be evil*" and there's a little box at the bottom with the footnote in it. can't quite make it out in that picture but it ends with "for self-defence only. Don't break the law!".

that said, i did think it was an unwise choice when i saw it on the shelves in whsmiths. and this month's says "defeat the CIA" on the front of it (is about encryption), which is also asking for trouble.

Comment: Re:When photography is outlawed.... (Score 1) 544

by koogydelbbog (#37676786) Attached to: Illegal To Take a Photo In a Shopping Center?

there was a reply in the letters pages the following week from a boss at tescos saying that there is no such policy...

and besides they publish all their prices online. the fact that they are different from the prices in the shops and different between individual shops appears to have passed him by. i bet he shops in waitrose...

Comment: Re:How does it compare with the other NVidia drive (Score 1) 289

by koogydelbbog (#30404714) Attached to: Nouveau NVIDIA Driver To Enter Linux 2.6.33 Kernel

i tried Fedora 12 and the last thing i see is the nouveau messages and then the screen goes black. the laptop continues to boot, i just can't see what it's doing. if i hit ctrl-alt-delete it'll reboot and the wifi light comes on so i think it's all ok apart from the screen. (12 beta was fine as it didn't use nouveau but i did one upgrade too many. have tried the F12 live cd and it's the same)

have tried nouveau.modeset=1 whilst booting (a list of other options would be nice, but i couldn't find one). have tried disabling the module. i've deleted all the nouveau drivers from the root partition in an attempt to force it to use something else but i guess it's using the versions in the initrd file(?). have tried booting single user. nothing.

other people have raised this as a bug but all the developers do is ask them to post further details. but they can't because they can't see what it's doing. is kinda frustrating.

(this with a newish 130M btw)

Comment: Re:Huh, they're using the Nouveau driver... (Score 1) 236

by koogydelbbog (#30141506) Attached to: Fedora 12 Released

my X has stopped working since they started using nouveau. doesn't seem to understand my newish card (NVidia G130M) with an odd resolution (1366x768). i haven't debugged it much more than that, just switched back to using ubuntu on the other partition (which is missing ethernet and wireless support but at least i can see something)

(nouveau page says that NV50 is supported so i should be ok. will try again.)

Comment: Wired also (Score 1) 82

by koogydelbbog (#30043678) Attached to: Esquire Launches First Augmented Reality Magazine

the issue of Wired (american edition (17.10?) bought in the uk, the one that's already available via the web) that i picked up yesterday claimed in the editor's preamble to do the same thing.

personally i spend the first 5 minutes of reading any issue of wired ripping the adverts out. ads for cigarettes that they always print on stiffer card and which makes it impossible to leave the mag open on your desk are the first to go...

Comment: Re:Sheeva Plug (Score 1) 697

by koogydelbbog (#29875863) Attached to: Low-Power Home Linux Server?

the checkout box at lets you get an estimate for shipping. this is what it gave me (posting to London):

SheevaPlug Dev Kit (UK) £62.17

Shipping And Tax Estimate
Shipping: (FedEx International Priority) £29.43 (GBP)
Tax: £0.00 (GBP)
Total: £91.60 (GBP)

but i'm not sure i believe the Tax at 0.00 - i thought anything over £18 or so attracted taxes AND handling fees, some of them very steep.

Hardware Hacking

+ - Joe Engressia, Expert 'Phone Phreak,' Dies->

Submitted by sarwer
sarwer (666) writes "All Things Considered on August 20, 2007 ran a interesting story about "phone phreaking" pioneer Joe Engressia. An article in Esquire in 1971 revealed a world of "phone phreaking." At the center of that world was a young man named Joe Engressia, who later changed his name to Joybubbles. Engressia died in Minneapolis earlier this month. Engressia had an unusual relationship with the telephone: He was born blind and used his unusual auditory gifts to pioneer the practice of "phone phreaking," which involved manipulating public telephone networks."
Link to Original Source

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