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Comment Efficiency (Score 1) 252 252

In thinking about the future of cars when explaining what self-driving cars are to friends and family, I often am asked and ponder the question “why would someone buy one?” If you had one, there is, of course, the ability to do other things while you're en route, like read, work, watch media, sleep (perhaps this won't be allowed?), etc. This benefit in itself “adds value” to that vehicle over a traditional one, especially for those with long commutes. I also imagine the navigational complexity of them eventually including real-time traffic/hazard avoidance so that they can arrive faster than cars without those systems. There will be some consumers which will see self-driving vehicles' lack of ability to “drive aggressively” as a deal breaker. However, I imagine a solution where at some point (a tipping point may be where there are as many self-driving cars as traditional ones) traffic lights will only need to be respected by traditional cars since the self-driving ones will be on a mesh network talking to each other and traffic controllers and can safely avoid hitting each other looking like something akin to controlled chaos. Again, this efficiency of arriving to your destination much quicker than a traditional car would add value. Time is money.

Comment Make it law (Score 1) 747 747

How do you think we can get through to the anti-vaxxers?

The same way you "get through" to homophobics, sexists, religious zealots, murderers, etc.: society decides that a certain behavior is not optional (at least without penalties) and legally requires you to live within certain parameters. In this case, only in extreme circumstances is it allowed to opt-out of vaxing your children.

Comment Re:Couldn't they at least provide a meter? (Score 2, Informative) 306 306

I logged in and didn't see the usage information, so I entered a chat with one of them. She informed me that if you don't see it on your User page that it's not available in your area. She said, "We have just launched the usage meter and we are doing our best to have this accessed by all users". I find this ironic since I live within the city limits of the sixth largest city in the US, and, get this, it's the HEADQUARTERS of Comcast.

Comment Re:so long... (Score 1) 430 430

I'll tell you what's crap. I want to use CFL and (even better) LED bulbs, but it's very difficult (if not sometimes impossible) to find sockets which support them properly. I'm talking about 3 way (low/med/hi) switches, dimmers, motion detecting, dusk/dawn, etc. I've found no CFL or LED bulbs which work in existing 3 way switches, nor dimmers, even any specifically made for those types of bulbs, and a vast majority of motion detecting sockets and dusk/dawn sockets don't support them either.

Come on inventors! We need these new fancy bulbs to work in these situations before we can really phase out incandescent bulbs!

Comment Re:To the people saying A La Carte is the answer (Score 5, Insightful) 217 217

Your example illustrates to me a difference between radio and TV however.
I, probably like many folks, enjoy a wide array of music: industrial, rock, jazz, talk, reggae, electronic, 80's, etc.
However, there is a much smaller array of TV show genres I enjoy: the major networks, PBS, science (like Discovery/TLC), Food, Syfy, and History. I will NEVER want to watch: online shopping, soaps, Spanish/foreign language, sports, kids (Disney, Nickelodeon), MTV, CSPAN, BET, E!, Fox News, Golf, Halmark, etc. Making me pay for these is a waste of my money.

Comment How funny... (Score 1) 327 327

I attended The Evergreen State College in the mid-90s. Matt Groening was there in the 70s. One day I was deep cleaning out some lab space and came across an old mock newspaper Matt had done when he was a student there. In the comics section there was a Family Circus; the mom was in the background in the kitchen, and the kids were in the foreground gathered around the TV. On the TV was a man's ass, and the caption was "Shut the fuck up mommy we're watching TV".

I'm glad to see others making fun of such an easy target.

Comment Re:dropbox? (Score 1) 305 305

I'm assuming when he says "I don't want to give my data away", he means he doesn't want the cloud hosting company access to his data, not that he's concerned with data transport sniffers. Of course, using a TrueCrypt container (with a strong password of course) solves both those problems.

Comment Re:Sonos (Score 2, Informative) 438 438

Agreed. I have a Sonos system, it is nice and works, but really is really overpriced for what you get. It was revealed to me how stingy they were when I bought one of their controller units for $300 (which they now have upgraded) and it didn't even come with a docking station, no that was another $40. Just greedy bastards. I would instead look at a squeezebox or look into these.

Comment The questions are from other websites (Score 1) 513 513

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Google suggest phrases combed from other websites (with fairly high pagerank) and not some 'best of' type questions people are typing directly into the google search box? If so, it's *other* websites, not google which are getting (and presumably answering) these questions, and the article is misleading about them being "popular searches".

If you think the system is working, ask someone who's waiting for a prompt.