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Comment Creationists are wrong. (Score 1) 667

Creationists are wrong. End of. Just like the church was wrong about the earth being at the centre or the solar system. If creationists want to believe everything was created they must change their way of thinking about it. I don't believe in a deity but if there IS a God perhaps it created the universe?

Comment Their SSD's worked fine for me. (Score 1) 292

I have an OCZ Revodrive first gen 120GB and its never had a problem. I also have a Vertex 4 256GB thats been running solid since I got it. The only SSD I've ever had fail was a Patriot. That drive was a total slice of crap though. Maybe the popularity decline has sonething to do with them ditching Sandforce for inhouse designs...

Comment Re:Copyright = right to control permission to copy (Score 0) 294

That's like saying you make a copy of a tape when you play it because the "data" on the tape is "read" magnetically and sent through amplifying circuits. Unless you take that "data" and assemble it into an identical file (or tape) there is no copy IMHO.

Comment Saturday Delivery? (Score 0) 564

Here in Canada, Canada Post is a crown corporation who don't deliver mail on Saturday (except for the Xpress Post Saturday service). They were beginning to require subsidy to artificially keep first class costs low. Their response? Canada Post now owns a %91 stake in Purolator Courier! They make more profit from that to partially pay for First Class mail, and still reported $281 million in net income for 2009. In any case the fact USPS can send a small, lightweight box from Florida to Toronto Canada for $5.53 is remarkable! The same box by UPS would have been over $20 and I would have had to pay brokerage or make arrangements to clear the package myself! Even to send the same box back to Florida from Toronto would have been almost $10 by Canada Post!

Comment EA needs to wake up. (Score 0) 386

The Sims series has always been a poorly written piece of bloatware IMHO, Takes ages to load, run choppy on modern equipment, and crashes regularly. EA needs to wake up and realize their own anti-piracy implementation is alienating their customer base. There is a reason the HumbleBundle always makes money, for instance!

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