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Comment Re:Its all in the taxes and incentives. (Score 1) 211

Which is great news! Texas is ahead of the world now in being prepared for the huge increase in electricity usage that good electric cars will cause.

Cart before the horse - and likely decades and tens of billions of dollars before the need is there. What a waste. And that's the tragic part... wind/solar are currently a massive waste of resources.

Comment Re:How about take away their guns. (Score 1, Informative) 369

The only way to disarm criminals is arm citizens. And let the police do their damn job instead of whining about another thug being shot.

You can't even guarantee most guns can even consistently fire (except for Glock), this looks like more of the tech-solves-everything blind faith.

Comment Re:The cars can detect gestures. (Score 1) 236

You missed the point - people get pulled over, and not just for traffic issues. Not to mention that AI is far away from being a good driver, as Google causing a dozen accidents can attest to. Sure they followed the law, but not the reality.

And the "search for money" is politicians, not police. Put the blame on the source.

Comment both (Score 1) 154

First, "techies" is like calling a manager a "flunky". Insulting.

Second, this has to be a 2 way conversation. The #1 benefit of "Cloud" is cost scope control - you can't customize it so business has a hard line instead of pushing IT for endless enhancements. As for "can or can't", provide managers rough estimates and high level todo's as to what it'll take to get there. There is never "we can't", there's "it'll cost this much" which will make then choke and chose a wiser path.

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