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by knightghost (#47995149) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Reporting Still Relevant?

Neither law nor easily used technology has caught up with the "digital signature" in an open environment. Yes, I know PGP, but using it isn't automated widely.

For dashboards, email is far easier than the PITA of logging into yet-another-system and navigating who-knows-where-and-changes-often. Seriously... automate! Quit relying on people to do things manually.

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by knightghost (#47960907) Attached to: Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

I've reviewed several jobs recently and thought about moving to SF. Why didn't I? Because industry doesn't make it worth it. High rent, high hours, etc etc makes for a terrible life. Facebook wouldn't have any issue with hiring and retention if they made it worthwhile to work there.

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A good Waterfall approach gets 4x more done than any version of Agile - on a complex project that can be understood well enough to design before most coding. Agile is good for reporting and projects where a client just wants to throw money to "get somewhere" but really don't know what they want.

Agile is not a development method. It's a client control method. The client (business) sees something tangible and imagines that they can follow along and have some control. It's mostly an illusion, as is most management.

The actual development methods to make Agile successful (at least from a technical perspective) are Regression Testing and Code Refactoring. Most Agile projects that fail are because of one or both of those areas failed.

As for FDD... standard on the east coast USA and many other parts of the world. It works for unthinking peons but utterly fails for jobs that require imagination.

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And that's the problem with green energy (other than hydro) - production is lowest when consumption is highest. What are they going to do, use all those batteries to store electricity? Does that mean if I buy an electric car I'm paying premium prices for a used battery with limited life?

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I haven't performed the calculations behind it but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's cheaper than nuclear power, once you factor in the long-term nuclear waste storage costs that are paid by the taxpayer.

I've done the calcs. Hydropower is 1/4 the cost, all known factors included. Nothing beats it.

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Internationally? Whenever I travel international from the USA, I typically only see 1 airline offering the flight. But I digress... I'm speaking directly about USA national flights. I've made around 300 round trips in the last 15 years and watched business flights go from very nice to dismal.

If you're speaking about european or asian flights then those have overcapacity due to massive government subsidies overbuilding the fleets, not from capitalism.

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Most seats no longer have enough room to open a laptop.

As a frequent flier and 6 ft tall, I can attest that airline seats have gotten to the point of cause widespread pain and suffering, including physical injury. There is not nearly enough competition in the airline industry to lead to improvements driven from capitalism. This is unfortunately the time where government needs to step in for the general well being of society.

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