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Comment: Immigration vs Illegal Immigration (Score 1) 552

by knightar (#48681573) Attached to: Paul Graham: Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In
Personally I don't understand people who are anti-immigration in general because if you have a skill that we need, why not bring them in? If their a benefit to the country as a whole we should be recruiting them. Now, What I personally hate is illegal immigration; I've heard all the arguments pro-immigration people give IE. "We were all illegal immigrants at some point" but that was over a hundred years ago prior to the laws that was made to control the influx of new citizens into the US. Everyone should abide by those laws and do not BREAK them by sneaking across the border, by breaking them they are committing a crime and it's not fair to everyone waiting to get in the country legally. I'm all for immigration if they do it legally that follows are CURRENT laws that should be enforced but currently are not. People who yell that the current laws are outdated or unfair, should do something about it and get them changed ... them sitting around doing nothing and complaining isn't going to fix the problem. Don't we all want to know who is coming across our borders? I sure as hell want to know if a convicted serial killer or child molester that was just released from prison tried to cross the border, wouldn't you?

Comment: Re:stupid government (Score 1) 316

by knightar (#47738141) Attached to: For Microsoft, $93B Abroad Means Avoiding $30B Tax Hit
I agree, United States has some of the highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world in addition to many loopholes that allows corporations to pay nothing on the money they do report as income. They really need to close the loopholes and if that means forcing companies to pay their fair share to be it, Then we can lower the corporate taxes and companies wouldn't pay as much but they would be paying something, and it'll level out the same as it is now and it'll be better for everyone. I would love to see the US go from the highest Corporate taxes to the low end of the spectrum.

Comment: Re:Don't trust the Wall Street Journal (Score 1) 129

One of the first successful, but sadly one of the few success stories of new ISP's, I would welcome the Electric Company in every area get into Fiber and do the same thing that Chattanooga has done, but sadly not every company has the passion to try.

Comment: This is not new news (Score 3, Insightful) 238

by knightar (#47091275) Attached to: Official MPG Figures Unrealistic, Says UK Auto Magazine
We all knew from previous reports, even in the US, that car manufactures will cheat and use "perfect conditions" and also gut the car of anything they can get rid of to decrease the weight and increase the MPG. Why are governments not requiring actual roadway numbers with an actual car as it comes out of the lot? Because lobbyists from the car manufacturers prevented it; Ether way I've always looked at the MPG and subtracted 20% from it.

Comment: Don't trust the Wall Street Journal (Score 1) 129

One again the press is hyping up the news a bit much. What's left out of the Wall Street Journal and Associated Press is that they will "BEGIN market-wide deployment of gigabit speeds by the end of 2016", and that they will "start with new residential construction projects and new and existing neighborhoods in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha." Not existing properties. Thanks for the extra hype in the so called "fiber to the press".

Comment: My father had a run in with these guys (Score 1) 201

by knightar (#45485167) Attached to: Microsoft Customers Hit With New Wave of Fake Tech Support Calls
My father had a run in with these guys back toward the end of September, He picks up the phone and some Indian guy says "I'm from Windows!" and my father responds "Okay, What window are you in?" and he responds "No, The operating system" my father responds "Oh, We only use Linux in these parts ... Can you service linux?" ... "Oh no, only Windows!". Always fun screwing with these people.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."