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Comment: Re:prisoner's dilemma ftw! (Score 2, Insightful) 873

by knails (#26173855) Attached to: The US economy is heading toward ...
No, self-interest works just fine, especially in this scenario. The banks took instant profit over long-term profit, and then DESTROYED EVERYTHING. If they had taken long-term profit, which would have made them more money, things would still be just fine. It's in their best interest to encourage growth of the economy in order to make more money; if the economy is stable, they will continue to make money, essentially, forever, if they're patient.

Comment: Re:Poor Microsoft (Score 2, Insightful) 226

by knails (#26173051) Attached to: Toshiba To OEM Laptops With OpenSolaris
Ok, I know you're being facetious, but the Big 3 automakers really need it. I live in mid-Michigan, and I know to what extent the automakers' influence on the economy here is. If they go down, they're taking a large part of the state with them. Even if they don't go down, they've already cut large numbers of employees and cut production. This mostly due to the republicans in congress and Bush's lack of support and willingness to help pull them out. The extent of damages due to their delay has yet to be seen, but it affects literally millions of people.

Comment: Re:yeah riiight. (Score 1) 226

by knails (#26172977) Attached to: Toshiba To OEM Laptops With OpenSolaris
Two points:

They probably don't even realize they're paying for it when they buy a computer.

That's probably one reason that MS charges for it. It's so transparent people don't know to ask to not have it.

Console makers sell consoles at a loss

Not all consoles. The gamecube wasn't sold at a loss (at least not until near the end of it's life), and, AFAIK, neither is the Wii, as it uses a lot of the same hardware.

Comment: Re:I'm no fan of MS... (Score 1) 455

by knails (#26133337) Attached to: Experts Say To Switch Browsers In Light of IE Vulnerability
I still don't understand what everyone's big beef with Java is. It is the language chosen to use to teach students programming at the University I attend, and obviously it has it's limitations, as does every other programming language, but I find no big problem with it. It is useful for things it's designed for.

Comment: Re:PHP? (Score 1) 962

by knails (#26078405) Attached to: Best Introduction To Programming For Bright 11-14-Year-Olds?
Why is it that so many people have such big issues with Java? It was the language taught at my University, and I, for one, like Java. It scales really well, from doing simple, small, learning programs, to larger, more complex projects. It has simple syntax and is well structured. Maybe it helps that we weren't taught about the Java API libraries, save I/O, until the middle of the second course, so most students, myself included, didn't learn to rely on them.

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