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Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 132

Some people would say that security doesn't depend on fast updates: security depends on not having security vulnerabilities in your software to begin with.

Security doesn't depend on not having security vulnerabilities in your software to begin with; security depends on preventing people from discovering and exploiting your existing security vulnerabilities.

Comment Re: You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 1) 228

If engaged couples were presented with a full description of the standard terms and conditions of marriage, including the clauses regarding division of assets on divorce, half of them wouldn't get married. Which is why this should happen, because those marriages are unfair to the people who aren't aware of the terms; and why it won't happen, because society likes people to be married.

I see where this is going. With all these clueless people continuing to get married despite being unaware of the conditions, eventually the marriage bubble will burst and the Church will repossess their spouses.

Comment Re:Good on Brendan (Score 1) 223

Were I a billionaire, I would give away services with no ads, no tracking, no analytics, just to undercut the monsters like Google and Microsoft to show that it doesn't have to be about the money.

Undercutting the competition by providing things too cheaply (or free) is anti-competitive. Once you captured enough customers/eyeballs, the FTC and DOJ would fine you into oblivion.

Comment Re: Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

Trump just says stuff because he doesn't actually know how anything works. Business included. He's a complete moron who just got handed a silver spoon at birth. His apparent success should not be any indication he has a clue how anything other than bribing works in the world. He know nothing about politics, nothing about business, nothing about people, nothing about the world. He's gotten were he is simply because of money.

Sounds like every US president ever. What exactly was your point?

One word: Lincoln

Comment Have you ever used code from SO verbatim? (Score 1) 303

I almost never use "found" code verbatim. Usually I have to rewrite it to fit into my project, not to mention remove the assumptions the original author baked into it in the first place. At that point I've changed it so much it becomes a derivative work. But, I *always* provide attribution in my source code by linking to the URL where I found the code snippet. Not to give the author their moment of fame, but so next time anybody looks through my code they know where I got that weird function and can visit the site to see the discussion. So at the end of the day, what I'm doing is called documentation, and anybody who *doesn't* do that should be smacked for being an idiot, not for breaking SO's silly rule.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 1) 432

He told her the truth, that he was sexually attracted. I think his is much better than if he had thought of a fake reason for her to leave his courses, e.g. to give her bad grades so that she chooses another department to specialize later on.

Being sexually attracted to somebody doesn't mean you will automatically harass them or become a douchebag. He should have sucked it up and done his job. OTOH if he felt he was unable to do his job, he should have sought counseling or gotten another job, i.e. the same thing he would have done if he was unable to do his job for any other reason, like a broken back or nervous breakdown or anything else.

Comment Re:Brutus (Score 1) 353

I would not vote any at all. If I am asked to choose to eat one of different kind of poo, why should I pick one to eat if I am also allowed to pick none of them? It is stupid to "must pick" one if you can simply "not do it" instead.

So whose name will you be putting on the write-in ballot?

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