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Comment: Re:Guess who's not getting an account with Santand (Score 1) 130 130

If they notice a device halfway around the world attempting to transfer money from your account, they would be reasonably suspicious it might be fraudulent. Location tracking has its uses in security, much as we consumers may not like it.

Comment: Re:Such a nice, sugary story.... (Score 1) 614 614

``In 2009 Bill Gates sat before the US congress, and explained that the tech industry was suffering from huge shortages, and desperately needed more foreign guest workers. At the same time, Microsoft was laying off thousands of US workers.''

And, no doubt, not a single one of those simpleminded Congresscritters called him out on the hypocricy.

Gates wasn't being hypocritical. What he meant was the tech industry was suffering from huge shortages of low-cost workers.

Comment: Well of course it leads to recidivism (Score 1) 164 164

If associating with known felons is a crime and/or a condition of parole, then the more felons who are in your neighborhood the more likely you are to associate with them and therefore the more likely you are to be guilty of that crime and thus return to jail. It's like saying, "The more donuts are in your proximity, the greater the chances of you getting fat."

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