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Comment So what? (Score 1) 254

This is just like complaining that Costco or Sam's Club entices you to buy too much of a product because you have to buy a minimum amount. If the button entices me to order an extra case of toilet paper or bottle of detergent a little earlier than I would have without the button, what's the difference? Either way I'm going to use up that product, and since it has a long shelf life it probably won't go bad. The only problem might be with compulsive hoarders who feel compelled to keep ordering more and more.

Comment Re:Now we need a NoHTML5Media plugin (Score 1) 202

It's only a mater of time before somebody writes software to detect major brand logos being broadcast, and snips out the segment that contains them. When the ad agencies figure this out, they will make the logos less obvious. Programmers will counter by simply blocking any short video sequence that has already been broadcast within the past hour.

Comment Re:Stupid question. (Score 1) 242

The problem is that the HR departments want X years in specific technology. I still remember years ago an ad wanting a programmer with 10 years of Java programming experience...and Java was just turning five.

Nothing unusual about that. Clearly they wanted the people who had been developing Java for five years before it was released publicly. That would ensure they got the programmers with the most knowledge of Java's history.

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