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Comment security.tls.insecure_fallback_hosts (Score 2) 182

Does anyone know if security.tls.insecure_fallback_hosts is now deprecated? I have an old device that will never get its SSL certificates reissued and I cannot create a new certificate with better algorithms. I use an old portable version of Firefox that I use to sometimes login. I noticed with Firefox 44 if I now go to the IP address, which I have added in the above preference name, I am greeted with the Advanced button and expanding it gives me a link to "(Not secure) try loading 'ip address' using outdated security." If I click on it it does nothing and gives redirects back to the "Your connection is not secure" page.

The latest version of ssh allows one to whitelist hosts with deprecated encryption so I have access that way, too. It would be nice to not have Firefox 44 and another just to access this device.

Comment Re:EdgeRouter is exactly this! (Score 1) 247

Not really. Edgerouter has custom code to make full hardware offloading using the Cavium chip driving those appliances. pfSense should support Edgerouters now but not with hardware offloading support--which will probably trickle in slowly.

If the OP is building a homebrew router, he needs to pay attention to what kind of NICs are embedded. Without the right ones the device will be limited in throughput for VPN functionality.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 197

If the renter wants to make money with property, they should buy a house. Or they rent from people who explicitly permit subleasing. The contracts I've seen are quite clear: either tenants can sublease or they cannot. Most, if not all of them I've seen do not allow it. People who have thought it through tend not to allow it.

Comment Re:I used the Media Creation Tool (Score 1) 181

Most of the time all I want are the ISOs. With Threshold 2's ability to accept Windows 7/8 keys make the in-place upgrade unnecessary, and superfluous. I really don't want the Media Creation Tool to put crap in C:\$WINDOWS.~BT and C:\$Windows.~WS even if I told it to just download the ISO.

The only benefit of using the creation tool is if I wanted to have an x86+x64 FAT ISO. Or Windows Update fails in a way which causes the upgrade to stop showing up, and one is forced to upgrade in-place.

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