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Comment Re:I used the Media Creation Tool (Score 1) 181

Most of the time all I want are the ISOs. With Threshold 2's ability to accept Windows 7/8 keys make the in-place upgrade unnecessary, and superfluous. I really don't want the Media Creation Tool to put crap in C:\$WINDOWS.~BT and C:\$Windows.~WS even if I told it to just download the ISO.

The only benefit of using the creation tool is if I wanted to have an x86+x64 FAT ISO. Or Windows Update fails in a way which causes the upgrade to stop showing up, and one is forced to upgrade in-place.

Comment Re:Why are we doing this? (Score 1) 134

Our solar system consists of 3 classes of objects: rocky planets, gas giants, dwarf bodies. Going to Pluto allows us to study the 3rd class. Scientists think these dwarf objects in the Kuiper Belt are the building blocks of planets but did not have a chance to accumulate into one since our solar system formed and studying objects in that area will give us a more complete understanding of what happened during the early age of our solar system.

I think this mission is especially challenging because it's so far away. Mission planners need to account for the considerable latency involved.

Comment Re:The Revolving Door Argument is Thin Anyway.... (Score 1) 86

> why has gigabit internet rapidly proliferated around the country over the last decade?

You have an interesting view about the glacial pace at which gigabit service is rolling out in a handful of US cities. Just because you reference a bunch of links doesn't mean your posts should be taken seriously.

Comment Re:The Revolving Door Argument is Thin Anyway.... (Score 5, Interesting) 86

in 2004, the FCC took steps to limit competition, turning away from key provisions of the 1996 Telecom Act. They set aside unbundling requirements which serve as a key bridge for competitive carriers. By circumventing Congress this way, the Bush-appointed Chairman of the FCC was able to turn back a competitive tide, creating an intentional duopoly on Internet access in the US.

The FCC Chairman was Michael Powell

Comment Re:Hasn't Google been doing that for a while now? (Score 1) 109

I can't answer your question but the html5 player is much more efficient than the Flash player and I've set it as the default in Firefox. I find that a video would buffer more often using the Flash player compared to the html5 player.

Does it mean the video has been encoded in VP9 if the nerd stats say DASH in Flash? The html5 stats say explicitly VP9.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.