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Comment: Users don't understand subdomains (Score 1) 800

by kkrajewski (#28213303) Attached to: Buying a Domain From a Cybersquatter

I disagree. People will get the order wrong even if they've visited the site before. They'll type "," not even think about autocomplete not kicking in, and then get redirected to the squatter before they try the other way around. Think about how often you've seen people try "" instead of ""

Comment: Footrest (Score 1) 188

by kkrajewski (#27989139) Attached to: Finding a Personal Coding Trifecta

For whatever reason, sitting in a chair normally causes my legs to ache. I must have RLS or something. Unfortunately my current desk arrangement doesn't allow for me to elevate my legs other than to put them on my desk... which I do almost all of the time.

So, I guess:
Footrest, chair with back support, laptop with mouse.

Standing up is also comfortable for a while at times.

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