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Comment: Re:Queue the deniers (Score 1) 387

by kjhambrick (#47214407) Attached to: Geothermal Heat Contributing To West Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting

Sheesh !

It wasn't that long ago in the bigger scheme of things when it was 'settled' that the cosmos revolved around the earth !

Or that EM Radiation was conducted via the aether.

Consensus is not science.

There are too many fortunes of too many types at stake to take any of the AGW debate at face value.

The existence and degree of influence of AGW on Climate Change is NOT settled.

-- kjh

Comment: I call Bullshit (Score 3, Interesting) 152

by kjhambrick (#46294119) Attached to: ICE License-Plate Tracking Plan Withdrawn Amid Outcry About Privacy

'The solicitation, which was posted without the awareness of ICE leadership, has been canceled,' said spokeswoman Gillian Christensen.

Like anyone would truly believe an underling could solicit such a bid without direction from the ICE leadership.

The bastards are out of control.

-- kjh

Comment: Re:smoothfirewall (Score 1) 93

by kjhambrick (#42823129) Attached to: Linux-Friendly Mini PC Fast Enough For Steam Games

Comment: ZOTAC ZBOXEN Are Nice (Score 1) 320

by kjhambrick (#41848657) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Little Boxes Around the Edge of the Data Center?

This Atom D525 Box:

( about $200 ) works well once provisioned with RAM, HD and CentOS 6.

For more throughput( about 4x ), this I3-based box runs very well for about $400:

Tiny, well made and reliable.

-- kjh

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