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Comment Geebus (Score 1) 144

There are enough REAL security issues floating around without getting our panties all in a wad over an issue that requires PHYSICAL access to the Console and Keyboard on a machine that has already been rebooted ...

Along the same lines, even after this 'Zero-Day' is repaired, if I can access the Console and Keyboard, I can access the Boot Menu, and boot from a Thumb-Drive and then do everything I could do via the Grub2 Bug.

Sheesh !

-- kjh

Comment And InfoWeek Has Posted the Inverse (Score 2) 132

Comment The Q is: Where is the Break-Even Point ? (Score 1) 371

Should we be asking ourselves what's the point of recycling ?

The only answer that makes sense to me is that we should recycle to save raw materials and ultimately the energy required for processing those materials.

We might want to factor in trash control but that is intangible and recycling does not reduce trash by the side of the road..

And minimizing the space used for landfill is another intangible. Modern landfill science seems to provide a way to reclaim otherwise unusable land for useful purposes.

If it costs more to recycle used materials than it does to bury the discarded material in a landfill and start with fresh raw materials, then what is the point of recycling ?

Here is a head-scratcher: There are two garbage trucks for my neighborhood.

Every Monday, truck #1 arrives to pick up garbage, then every-other week, a second truck arrives to haul away materials for recycling ...

How much does that second truck truly cost compared to the savings obtained from the list materials we're told we can recycle ?

Without doing a detailed cost analysis, the life-cycle of an object made of glass comes to mind ...

Compare the cost of collecting and burying used glass in a landfill and then processing fresh sand into new glass vs collecting and reprocessing used glass -- does it really make sense to recycle old glass ?

I dunno ... just wondering ...

-- kjh

Comment Re:Odd thoughts: (Score 1) 285

... Sure, that's functionally the equivalent of performing "sudo cat /var/log/messages", but of course one could run "sudo less /var/log/messages" and obtain the powerful features of less, such as forward and backward navigation, and not

Alas ... this was true until the systemd virus infected Linux Machines ...

-- kjh

Comment IX (Score 1) 173

IX - You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

It's time this politically motivated Bullshit stopped !

Try the 'Expert Witness' Bastards who gave the Testimony as well as their Supervisors.

Execute them if it can be proved that there was malicious intent.

Maybe this: Bind them and throw them in a pond. If they drown there was no malice. If they do not drown they are a wiitch^h^h^h^h^h^h^hguilty and should be remanded to death row.

-- kjh

Comment Somebody tell Dept of State Please (Score 1) 108

Geebus ! god save us from these short-sighted MoFos.

I would like to say that the Dept of State needs to know about this.


However, too many members of the Executive Branch in DC seem to hate the USA more than they hate the Chinese and are likely to WANT this to happen to all our Corps.

-- kjh

Comment Re:Lots of carefully worded obfuscation (Score 1) 356

And then let's not ignore the true cost of energy per unit of production.

Once Fed and State subsidies have been normalized away, solar sucks bones compared to other sources of energy production : http://southdakotamagazine.com/renewable-energy-costs

But then what's wrong with a little redistribution of wealth among friends ?

And let's not forget that for each unit of solar power on the grid, some sort of reliable backup power must be standing by for those times when the sun don't shine.

What's the old euphemism about where the sun don't shine ?

Oh yeah ... that's where the article seems to have come from ...

-- kjh

Comment Re:Science by democracy doesn't work? (Score 1) 497

Consensus isn't science, but it's a method of determining which of the competing scientific theories should be used as a basis of policy. It may not be a good method, but other methods are worse.

Hmmmm ...

And how is 'Concensus' among the Scientists any different than a Vote among the members of the Legislature ?

Just wondering ...

-- kjh

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