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Comment: Re:Wrong thing to talk about on the d-pad (Score 1) 150

by kjart (#33432902) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils New Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

So really, how is this new d-pad supposed to fix that?

It might be, you know, better? The purely aesthetic change does not rule out functional changes as well.

That being said, the way they are rolling it out (play and charge only, not part of system bundles) doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in me. I'll wait for some reviews, thank you very much.

Comment: Re:That's how the market is supposed to work. (Score 1) 762

by kjart (#33196288) Attached to: Just One Out of 16 Hybrids Pays Back In Gas Savings

Stats: I couldn't find a 2010 "Matrix XR". There's a "Matrix XRS". Heck, let's just assume that they mean the most efficient 2010 Matrix, which is a manual base model that gets 26/32mpg. The 2010 Prius gets 51/48mpg.


The average age of a vehicle on the road in the US today is over 9.5 years and rising.

While I agree in large part with your numbers you should keep in mind that this is a Canadian study. As such, the Matrix XR is trivial to find on the Toyota Canada website and stats about US cars may or may not be applicable.

Comment: Re:Hooray Rosetta Stone Kiosk (Score 3, Insightful) 674

by kjart (#33099600) Attached to: How many languages do you speak on a daily basis?

Rule-of-thumb: If you can partake in a pub discussion with 3 or more reasonably educated native speakers, you're fluent in that language if no one needs to clarify a word or repeat a sentence.

Your rule should probably scale in some fashion with alcohol consumption, especially if it involves a pub.

Comment: Re:Hooray Rosetta Stone Kiosk (Score 1) 674

by kjart (#33099594) Attached to: How many languages do you speak on a daily basis?

You - and I'm not picking on you in particular, but on a number of claims in this thread - almost certainly don't. To speak a language fluently you need to immerse yourself in a world of its speakers regularly, and you will not become fluent in a language if you have to go out of your way to speak it.


It is a fallback when you don't have sufficient immersion in a language to know what something means, and you cannot use it to contradict a majority of speakers. People who think English is something you learn from a dictionary can't really speak English at all.

(Where does this leave French? In denial, as always.)

Just to confirm:
1. Subject is using 'fluently' in a non-textbook way, which is bad.
2. You define 'fluent' as not relying on textbook definitions for things in language.
3. You don't see the contradiction here?

Comment: Re:Oh look, we killed it, let's try *squeezing* (Score 1) 83

by kjart (#33037092) Attached to: Electronic Arts, THQ Look To Microtransactions

Let it die already, fast, the sooner we can all go back to enjoying weird little games in baggies, and maybe find something interesting to play as a result.

I'm not sure why you seem to think that these things are mutually exclusive, but there are plenty of great and/or weird games out there, you just have to look for them.

Comment: Re:Who cares (Score 5, Informative) 757

by kjart (#32913166) Attached to: Droid X Self-Destructs If You Try To Mod

Someone will find a way around this very quickly

It's not even clear if this information is real. TFA links to a forum post which doesn't seem to actually contain a source of the information (the OP states it's a mix of "hard information" and "conjecture"). Said forum post then links to the eFUSE wikipedia article, which lists Droid X as having an implementation of eFUSE. However, if you look at the Droid X wikipedia page linked to from there, you'll see the original is what is cited for the eFUSE inclusion bit.

I'm not saying there is something fishy going on, but this could easily not be true.

Comment: Re:Why do they have to announce these things? (Score 1) 324

by kjart (#32880026) Attached to: Ballmer Says Microsoft Is 'Hardcore' About Tablets

I mean, why not just do them? Or is this more of a move relating to the stock market? Maybe its better phrased "This announcement will make our stock more competitive". I guess I just don't understand the motivation.

The Microsoft mentality is oriented towards the corporate world. These kinds of customers require product roadmaps to plan budgets, purchasing decisions, upgrade paths, etc etc. The Apple mentality, however, is oriented towards the consumer. Consumers don't tend to plan all that well and will buy things compulsively, so new products have to be available to ship as soon as they are announced.

In any case, one of the reasons why MS seems to falter in the consumer device market, or at least when competing with Apple, is that they still seem to announce things as part of a corporate roadmap, rather than impressing people with an Apple-like 'one more thing' reveal.

Comment: Re:Oh Canada (Score 1) 359

by kjart (#32618560) Attached to: Bill Proposes Canadian Cellphone Unlocking Rights

That certainly helps with the Slurpee sales, but it's not at all uncommon to see people walking around with a "Big Gulp" in the middle of winter - it ends up being almost a machismo thing to head to 7/11 on the coldest days of the year just you can walk around in -40 weather (-50 with the windchill), drinking slushies.

Guilty as charged :)

The reason, though, is because slurpees are delicious. Also, please never say "slushie" again.

Comment: Re:I'll give it to Nintendo (Score 1) 240

by kjart (#32582168) Attached to: Nintendo Announces Raft of New Games, 3DS Details

But I would feel a little silly as a grown man playing a Mario or Kirby game with a wiimote.


Seriously, in my dream alternate universe, Nintendo didn't make the Wii (I do like the DS though) and instead we had Mario and Zelda for Xbox/PS3. Of course, they make a ton of money on the Wii, so that's not happening anytime soon.

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