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Comment Re:apples to oranges? (Score 1) 393 393

Well, if I only need to check my email on the go, then I'd buy a smartphone and carry it in my pocket. I wouldn't need to carry that bulky laptop with me just to check another batch of spam. Yes, almost anyone buys things based on his need. All I mean is - don't compare sedan to a truck, if all you need is a sedan.

Submission + - Paid-for 'zero footprint' browser launches

kiso writes: Techworld reports that a UK-based security company has launched a "zero footprint" browser it claims will protect users from the security problems that regularly afflict popular browsers. Data such as cookies, passwords, bookmarks and browsing history are kept permanently encrypted with 256-bit AES and the Tor network support is integrated for browsing anonymity. The additional privacy comes at cost, however, as the company is charging $29.95 for HD or U3 version of the e-Capsule Private Browser. According to the agent string, Mozilla Gecko engine is used for rendering pages.

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