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Comment Re:Alberta Winter (Score 1) 274

You totally forget about 5000m altitude. I would rather live in place with -53C in Alberta with normal atmospheric pressure than anywhere higher than 4km. Human beings have serious issues with adapting to such altitudes. In addition to that you also have much higher frostbites risk even from not-so-low temperatures.

Comment Re:Olde News? (Score 1) 336

here are more photos/videos of the plant before and after the accident - There is also a lengthy discussion of accident on the local forum (many plant workers participate and deliver "first hand" news there) - Transformers look ok, there were no smoke nor traces of fire damage. Hydraulic surge in generator #2 looks like most likely reason of the accident (the reasons of surge are not that clear still though, people talk about destruction of turbine or generator failure).

Comment False alarm. (Score 2, Informative) 155

Here google translation of response from Rossvyazokhrankultura website: In short: 1. You have to register only if you provide internet access for money. . 2. End-user Wi-fi equipment is excluded from list of telecommunication equipment required to register.

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