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Comment: Adult stem cells 'win' again (Score 1) 101

by kinglitho (#31358082) Attached to: Printing Replacement Body Parts
After all the political posturing and debate over government funding for the use of embryonic stem cells for research, the private sector comes along and shows us where the action really is.

Kinda makes you wonder if some academics deliberately pick areas of study with the longest term payoff possible in order to extend the length of their grant funding. After all, once the discovery is made, the researcher has to find a new area of study.

Comment: Re:The ST bible (Score 1) 809

by kinglitho (#29744395) Attached to: Why Charles Stross Hates Star Trek
In fact in the TOS Writer's Guide (I still have my copy!), Roddenberry established the "Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, Naked City" rule whereby the plot of any Star Trek episode had to make sense if it was transferred to any of those shows.

There was also a rule against stopping the action to explain how the technology worked. He likened it to a Western where the protagonist discusses revolver design. It's boring, and it doesn't advance the story.

You could argue how that is anti-technology, and I'm not sure you could translate "The Guardian of Forever" into an episode of Gunsmoke, but it does serve the primary need of any entertainment: first, tell an interesting story.

Comment: "Scooter" Tamm? (Score 2, Informative) 521

by kinglitho (#26133191) Attached to: Wiretap Whistleblower, a Life in Limbo?
Remember Valerie Plame?
If it was so important to find and punish the leaker (Richard Armitage, who BTW was never charged with any crime) who outed her, then why aren't you defenders of law and freedom crying out for the prosecution of this leaker?
Oh, I forgot, it doesn't count if it makes a Republican look bad.

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