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Comment: EE shutting down cell towers (Score 1) 53

by kinarduk (#45386049) Attached to: British Operator EE Offers £8 Million Petabyte 4G Data Bundle
Since the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, EE have been cost cutting by shutting down cell towers with overlaps. This sounds reasonable, but it's having a huge effect on signal strength and quality. Initially they denied there was a problem, now they can't hide the fact the service is suffering. So if you're a business with £8 million in your pocket, make sure you do your due diligence and check coverage in your area! Remember what you check now might not be there when you want to use it, as EE are still decommissioning towers!

Comment: Re:Remove keys from ignition? (Score 1) 1176

by kinarduk (#42902497) Attached to: Driver Trapped In Speeding Car At 125 Mph
I had a french car once (or twice) a Peugeot, it was a diesel. I had a situation where I couldn't turn it off. Keys out everything, nothing worked, it just kept running, eventually I managed too stall it. This is different to TFA as the accelerator wasn't stuck, but it might be a contributory factor.

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