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Comment: Re:Slashdot BETA Sucks. (Score 1) 2219

by kimgkimg (#46186501) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!
Yes I agree BETA sucks. For me the main problem is the browsability of the articles. In classic, I like the way the titles are nicely highlighted so that they are easy to read, and then you get a smidgin of the actual content below. This allows me to 1) read the title to see if it's of interest, 2) read a small sampling of the article to see if it's really of interest. If 1) and 2) has captured my interest, I then click into the article to read it in it's entirety. Beta's new larger font for the headlines and the inclusion on graphics on each article forces you to endlessly scroll on the page (and the Headlines only view is pretty useless as it doesn't provide enough quick glance readability on the articles content.) Okay, here's a thought. Why not just keep Classic around and then see from a usage statistics view how many people are using what? (I'll bet you see most people gravitate back to the Classic view because it's just the more efficient way to get the most amount of information with the minimal amount of scrolling.)

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