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Comment Find the address, bust down a door... (Score 1) 141

From what I've seen so far (and I can't unsee it now, thanks) I think it's going to get pretty monotonous (plot wise, the acting is already there -- I'm looking at you... Dawson.) Find tech device, scroll quickly through color-coded binary dump, extract an IP address, trace address, bust down door... rinse, lather, repeat...

Comment Add some of these capabilities to regular cameras! (Score 1) 78

I would like to see hyperspectral capabilities added to regular cameras and then algorithmic rendering of the spectra as overlays to the visual layers. This would be useful say in smoothing skintones by blending in data from the infrared range (or similarly for lightening foliage.) The only problem there would be that focal point for different spectra is different, so it would have to be a multishot merge (like is done with HDR.)

Comment Re:Sad to see the Republicans always... (Score 1, Interesting) 85

Also, with the Tesla model dealerships don't really work. Every car Tesla sells is made to order. There is no inventory sitting around at dealerships. The customer orders exactly what they want and it's made to order. This is very different than a traditional dealership where the dealer buys an inventory of cars then turns around to sell it to the customer.

Yeah it seems the only reason you'd want to go to the dealership would be to look at the car and maybe get a test drive. Tesla should crowdsource this to their user base. Maybe they could receive a spiff off of their yearly maintenance fee for demoing the car for prospects. What Tesla driver isn't going to want to show off their car? Everything else from optioning to ordering could be handled online.

Comment I prefer different formats for different things (Score 2) 261

I prefer eBooks for pleasure reading because of the convenience of packaging mostly. I like the fact that I can take a whole library of books with me and choose which ones I read on a whim. Reading for pleasure is also a serial activity where you read through the book from start to finish with very little back flipping. For studying however, I prefer the physical books as you can dog-ear, color-code post-it, highlight sections for quick reference. Yes eReaders have search and bookmarking capabilities, but I just don't find it as convenient as going back to my yellow post-it half way in the last chapter which I've scribbled with a keyword.

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