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Comment: Red Herring (Score 1) 516

by killjoy966 (#38930599) Attached to: You Will Never Kill Piracy

Humans have been entertaining each other for as long as humans have been around. If piracy actually was the death blow to the music and movie (and book?) industries as corporate heads would have you believe, would people really stop creating content? Are all artists only in it for the money? The more I hear about the plague of digital piracy the less relevant it seems.

Just ask yourself, if Hollywood disappeared tomorrow, would you care?


+ - Hosted Anti-Spam Solution Recommendations

Submitted by killjoy966
killjoy966 (655602) writes "Hosted anti-spam solutions seem to be all the rage these days. McAfee, Symantec, even Google, all offer hosted anti-spam services. I have a client that is requesting we implement one of these solutions to replace the default filtering on an Exchange server (approximately 50 mailboxes). Has anyone out in Slashland had much experience administering one of these hosted anti-spam solutions and would care to comment?"

Comment: Re:$1 million for a perfect game? (Score 2, Informative) 142

by killjoy966 (#32130462) Attached to: Gamer Wins $1M For Pitching Virtual "Perfect Game"

Not likely. In 2008, average salary for a starting pitcher was $4,429,366. There are 162 games during an MLB season (not including playoffs) meaning a pitcher only makes $27,341.77 per game. Even if you assume he only gets "paid" for the games he plays (there are typically five starting pitchers on a team) then he only gets $138,417.68 per appearance.

Even the highest paid starting pitcher currently in the league only makes $23,000,000 per annum making his per appearance fee $718,750. Of course there's also performance bonuses and endorsement deals and what have you, but I don't have numbers for those.

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